Special Board Meeting to Appoint a New Trustee

Capistrano Unified School District

September 9, 2019 6:00 pm

Trustee Gary Pritchard, representing Trustee Area 5, resigned August 9, 2019 because he moved out of the area (he moved to Dana Point).

Applicants are:

Board Agenda page 9 of 71:

Krista Castellanos: Teacher Santa Ana Unified School District

2 Children in the district:

Aliso Niguel High School

Don Juan Avila Middle School

Booster President

PTA President


Board Agenda page 18 of 71: 

Jeremy Cogan: Director of Facilities Planning Santa Ana Unified School District

Children at Laguna Niguel Elementary School

Vice President Planning Serviced Division Emeryville & Los Angeles

Legislative Assistant and Press Secretary Office of Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitano 

Transportation Planning Consultant City of Santa Monica

Mobility Planning Intern WRI Center for Sustainable Transport (EMBARQ)

International Planning Affiliate Chinese Academy of Urban Planning & Design


Board Agenda page 26 of 71: 

Anita Narayana, Madison Alexander PR Consultant

No children in the district but she graduated from Capistrano Valley High School

Government Relations/Communications Consultant Madison Alexander Public Relations

Campaign Deputy Fiona Ma for State Treasurer

Political/Communications Director Hans Keirstead for Congress

Secretary Democratic Party

Communications Director Loretta Sanchez for US Senate

Political/Communications Director Re-Eect Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

Communications Director Phil Angelides for California Governor

Communications/Outreach Liasion State Senator Joe Dunn

Executive Board California Democratic Party


Board Agenda page 41 of 71: 

Jake Vollebregt, Director of Regional and Legal Affairs Moulton Niguel Water District

His application did not state if he has children in the district

Associate Municipal Practice Group, Best Best & Krieger, LLP

Intelligence Officer, United States Marine Corps Reserve Component

Board Member South Orange County Economic Coalition

CUSDWatch Comment:

Jake Vollebregt ran for Trustee in 2016 and was defeated by incubent Trustee Gary Pritchard. Jake received 48% of the vote in that election. 

Trustee Pritchard's seat was purchased by the Teachers Union for $60,000. 

In the 2016 election, Trustees Amy Hannacek, Pritchard and Holloway seats were purchased by the teachers union for $60,000

Trustee Area 1: Amy Hanacek 59.3% Wendy Shrove  40.7% 

Trustee Area 2: Jim Reardon 80.3% Gould Workman 19.7%

Trustee Area 3: Patricia Holloway 56.5% Laura Ferguson 43.4%

Trustee Area 5: Gary Pritchard 51.9% Jake Vollebregt 48.1%

Trustee Reardon is the only Trustee that funded his own campaign.


Large unified school districts have more political power than they Cities they represent. Decisions made by school districts do effect the quality of life of every person living in district boundaries. The public needs to pay more attention to who sits on local school boards

Fair Political Practices Commission: Big Money Talks- California's Billion Dollar Club


THE PEOPLE, elect School Board Trustees to represent the interest of students and taxpayers in all matters before the Board.



But what happens when Unions pay to elect School Board Trustees and Management receives the same compensation increases as their employee Unions?



DID YOU KNOW THAT ALL OF CUSDs' TRUSTEES except for two... Jim Reardon and Judy Bullockus had their seats paid for by the Teachers Union! Judy Bullockus was appointed by the City of Mission Viejo when Trustee Hatton-Hodson resigned. Trustee Reardon did not accept Union Donations.



The interest of CUSD Students and Taxpayers are not fairly represented. That is why CUSD employees have received five consecutive years of across the board compensation increases totaling over $150 million dollars while parents are forced to fundraise for Art- Music- Science- PE... while we have the highest class sizes in the nation and why CUSD facilities need $189 million in emergency repairs and maintenance.


The State Legislature AND BIG BUSINESS have all figured out how to use the Public Education System to get Rich and Stay in power. 

Big Developers want prime school district lands for Public- Private Partnerships 

The Construction Trades want CASH!

They spend millions to get School Facility Bonds passed.

Coalition for Adequate School Housing 


 Image result for Transportation Corridor Agency Need land for a Toll Road... just ask your local school district. 

CORRUPTION is Rampant!



CUSD spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on Lobbyists and Associations that actually advocate AGAINST student and taxpayers interests.


Pay to Play


And using education money to promote political agendas in our public schools



Monetizing Student Data




These are your children and grandchildren...

Do it for the kids!

CUSD did not want to spend $180,000 to allow the People to vote on a new Trustee so they opted to appoint one for you