My Voter Guide

Dawn Urbanek, Taxpayer and Student Advocate 

AMENDED FEBRUARY 11, 2020 to clarify my statements regarding Jake Vollebregt and Greg Rath

President: Donald Trump 

I am very happy with the direction the country is going in and as such I want to give the Trump administration 4 more years to finish the work they have started.


Member, County Central Committee 73rd Assembly District

Watch this video for some great insights:


Definite NO on Lisa Bartlett and Ed Sachs (I personally feel these two people have done more to harm San Clemente residents than any elected officials currently in office).

I agree with the point in the video that you want candidates that are not holding or running for other offices. So that would eliminate:

No on Greg Raths, Laurie Davies, Mike Munzing and Elaine Gennawey

The current Orange County GOP Central Committee members are:

Laurie Davies (Laguna Niguel)

Jennifer Beall (Ranch Santa Margarita)

Tony Beal (Ranch Santa Margarita)

Mike Munzing (San Clemente? - he is Mayor of Aliso Viejo- San Clemente appears not to be reprsented)

Definite NO on Ms. Toll Road Lisa Bartlett (Dana Point)

Definite NO on Mr. Toll Road Ed Sachs (Mission Viejo). 

You Decide on the following three people

No on Diane L. Harkey: Republican that has been in office a long time and I just feel it is time to get some new blood in Orange County.

No DD Dominguez: I like her position against Prop 13, but liked the following Candidates more.

No Art Sanchez: I am having a hard time seeing where he is- lots of internet reference to many people on the progressive side that promoted PTA positions that I did not agree with.

No Greg Rath: Because her already holds office


My Votes:

YES Greg Rath: I am voting yes on Greg Rath because he supported San Clemente on the Toll Road vote

Mayor of Mission Viejo opposed the Toll Road when the City of Mission Viejo voted to formualize support to relieve traffic in Orange County. He was the only council member to oppose.

YES Nick Wilson: Liked the video

YES Linda Kight: Spent some time on her facebook page and liked her positions. Where did the Lottery Money Go. No on Prop 13.

YES Jake Vollebregt: Got to know him personally when he ran for Trustee of the Capistrano Unified School District. I think and hope he will take the Republican party in a new direction.

He was denied the Trustee seat by a ridicules stunt on the part of Trustees. They produced a letter stating of support for the completion of SR 241 Toll Road nd stated that it would be a conflict to have him as a Trustee because he sits on the South Orange County Economic Colition which also supports the toll road completion. I received a copy of the letter Trustees referred to, to block his selection through a public records request which I have attached at the end of the voter's guide. 

YES Candice Burroughs: Liked her letter as outgoing president of Laguna Niguel Republican Women Federated on page 4

YES Shawn M Gordon: I have gotten to know Shawn when he ran for Trustee of the Capistrano Unified School District and I agree with his positions on most of the issues that we are facing today. Love the video Shawn!!


United States Representative 49th District

YES Brian Maryott: I have gotten to know Bryan Maryott working on toll road and school district issues. He seems to genuinely care about THE PEOPLE and works towards common sense solutions. 


Member of the State Assembly 73rd District

YES on Bill Brough: The Republican party has been a major disappointment to me for many years and for many reasons. The politics in south orange county is toxic and has been very dysfunctional for many years. I place the blame on the Central Committee and the leaders of the Republican party. What they have done to Bill Brough is a disgrace. So I am supporting Bill Brough and voting to replace the member of the Central Committee and hope that we can start making California sane again.


Judge for the Superior Court Office No. 4

No on Tony Ferrentino Assistant District Attorney.  I have no confidence in the Orange County District Attorney's office under the previous District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and the current District Attorney Todd Spitzer. The corruption in Orange County is stunning and I would personally like to see a federal investigation into the conduct of the OC Board of Supervisors and the District Attorney. It's a big no for me.


Prop 13

NO on Prop 13

$15 Billion Dollar School Facility Bond] A Trick to overturn the original Prop 13. I have personally done extensive research on school facility bonds in the State of California and this is a really BIG NO FOR ME. 


California Voters Pass Prop 13.

Prop 13 removed the ability for school districts to issue local bonds. Proposition 13 also capped local property tax and virtually eliminated tax increases based on assessed valuation. After the passage of Prop 13 the State was forced to assume the primary role of funding Public Education and school facilities. The State Allocation Board began providing school districts with significant school facility grant funds. 

My Research:


CUSDWatch: LOCAL SCHOOL FACILITY BOND MEASURES (CA is $1.3 trillion in debt thanks to our School Debt- no more!)


Measure A 

YES on Measure A  

A vote to require a 2/3 vote of the Board of Supervisors to Propose new taxes. Increases in taxes should always require a vote of 2/3 not a simple majority 51%. All school bond measures pass because they are a simple majority. 


Measure H

NO on Measure H 

I wrote the Ballot Statement against Measure H

Documentation: No on Measure H: CUSD 2020 Souther SFID

PAY TO PLAY Alive and Well at CUSD - Look who is supporting Measure H

The Solution: Ask the State for additional funding - they have $55 billion sitting in their high speed rail account that they accumulated by intentionally underfunding low poverty school districts.