This grant will provide $115,075 inn additional funding to serve CUSD's 594 pre-school students ($193.72 per student) All of this money is being spent on Professional Development. 

BLUE CARD - Dawn Urbanek

CUSD does not have sufficient funding to provide a basic education to it's K-12 students. The District is over capacity by 8,555 students. CUSD has no business adding another grade-level to its instruction. 

Class Sizes per CUEA Contract are: page 16


Does anyone really believe there can be a "QUALITY" pre-school program with 24 kids per one instructor in a class. Thank is not even safe.

This is done simply to add more bodies to an already over crowded campus for financial gain and to provide funding for more Professional Development. Highlights of contract:

The purpose of this is to gain points so that the Pre-school can get STAR ratings that can be used for marketing purposes.