Board Meeting Agenda at page 477:

Board Audio: at 158:30 (2 Hours 38 Minutes 30 seconds)



The Board voted 6-0-1 to waive bylaw 9311 and to place Board Policy 5111.1 on the Consent Calendar at the March 8, 2017 meeting for Ratification. (Trustee Reardon was absent)    

at 159:30 Trustee Holloway wants to make sure Charter Schools have the same verification of documents as CUSD- Oxford Prep does not allow Mortgage Statements as a proof of residency. 

at 161:17 Superintendent Vital states that this conversation should be done within Charter School policy. Get legal advice first to see if we can make a rule like that.

at 161:28 Trustee McNicholas - Charter schools do not have boundaries we simple look to see if Charter students are "in- district" or "out-of-district".

at 162:06 Trustee Jones - CUSD may require Charter Schools who want Prop 39 space to serve inter-district students only.  

at 162:47 Superintendent Vital - limit this policy to non-charter students only because that is the policy you can pass and we can bring a discussion of charters back another time.

at 163:06 Trustee Hatton-Hodson makes the motion to approve. Trustee Second by Trustee Hannacek.

No Blue Card was pulled on this item - this is being put on Consent Calendar at the March 8, 2017 BOT meeting for Ratification- Agenda Item #8  

A March 2016 capacity study showed that CUSD has 8555 students over the legal capacity. 5,235 are High School Students.

K-6 1,844 over capacity

7-8 1,476 over capacity

9-12 5,235 over capacity

This was 2015-16 enrollment. The new Ranch development is estimated to produce almost 5,000 new students (maybe more). Planning Area 1 is sold out. Planning Area 2 will be sold out by September 2018 (maybe sooner). There are no schools in the Ranch Development and no construction on any new schools has begun. There may be as many as 1019 students that do not have a seat at a school when school starts September 2017.