Board Meeting Agenda at page 42

Board Audio at 90:56

Contract Awarded to lowest bid Straub Construction $27,569,000.00 

Project can start within 90 days of award of the bid (March 22, 2017) 

The Project must be completed within 420 calendar days of acceptance of the bid (May 2018).

The Esencia K-8 would be open for 2018-19 School Year.


at 91:26 Presentation by Clark Hampton

There were 9 bids with two non-responsive bids and Straub came in as the lowest. With that Staff recommends that you approve this contract.

at 92:10 Trustee Hanacek

I am looking forward to having THIS team build this school. We have not built a school for a long time. I have am looking forward to a quality built school. One of the things that people did not understand about Measure M was that we have a lot of work that needs to be done even on our newer schools like San Juan Hills. We know that that was not built well and that school needs a lot a lot of work. It will not age well. I am looking forward to building a quality school in Esencia K-8. Thank you for working within the budget

at 93:14 Trustee Reardon

I move to approve this contract.

Second by Gary

The item passes 6-0-1