Board Meeting Agenda #14 page 161

Board Audio at 175:36

The Board Voted 6-0-1 without comment to approve this Item

Motion by Trustee Hatton-Hodson

Second by Trustee Pritchard


BLUE CARD Dawn Urbanek 

6/5th Teaching Assignments $167,728 in new compensation.

PLC meetings $300 per employee + subs @$105 per day as needed.

Additional Assignments:

AP Review $7,245 + subs @$105 per day as needed

Facilities Science Department Chair Meetings/Workshops $1,500

Honor Concert Elementary $600

UEB Training - Special Education $2,100

Preparation for Counselor Showcase - 28 employees X 10 hours X $30 per hour =  $8,400.00 + subs @$105 per day as needed. 

*Note- This event happened on February 5, 2017 - why is Staff asking Trustees to approve this expense a month after this event happened.

ASB Funded Positions $71,819 when minimum wage reaches $15 per hour these same services will cost tax payers $107,728.50 

This is like another TAX on the Public- these are fees paid by parents in after tax dollars.


 6/5ths Assignment 1st Semester

CUSD approved 8 6/5ths Teaching Assignments - additional pay $20,966 X 8 = $167,728.00

CUEA Contract 2015-17 at page 9:

5.11 The District shall have the option to offer to teachers assigned to teach at the 6-12 level the opportunity to volunteer to accept a continuing regular assignment of a sixth teaching period daily. Teachers who accept a continuing regular assignment of a daily sixth period shall be compensated at one-fifth 1/5th of their regular daily rate of 185 days in addition to their regular compensation.

5.11.1 Each spring, a letter or memo which includes, but is not limited to, the following information will be sent to each secondary teacher regarding application/selection of teachers to fill 6/5th positions.

(1) Among the factors in making a 6/5th assignment selection, the site administrator will give equal and fair consideration to the following criteria for selection: credentialing, facilities, master schedule (e.g., student course requests, class size, minimizing program changes, availability), history of previous assignment, expertise, teacher interest, circumstances specific to the particular school site.

(2) A return response form on which a secondary teacher will indicate interest/non-interest in being considered for a 6/5th position and an acknowledgement of the selection process and criteria. If the employee's circumstances change after completion of the return response, it is his/her responsibility to inform the Principal of the change in interest.

(3) The District shall have the option to select from among the volunteers for said regular sixth period teaching assignment.

Attend PLC Meetings $30 per hour X 10 hours = $300 per employee

Additional Assignments @$35 per hour



More Resources Available Here  (Student Support Services Website)

 Approve ASB Funded Positions

Total ASB Funded Positions: $71,819

Page 169: $13,450

Page 170: $41,435

Page 171: $16,934

What happens when the minimum wage goes from $10 per hour to $15? We have a lot of services for CUSD that are dependent on fundraising and other one time monies; at $15 per hour these same services will cost parents $107,728.50 in after tax dollars. That is a substantial tax increase for parents for no increase in services.