The Board Voted 5-0-1 -1 to approve this Item (Trustee Hatton-Hodson abstained from Item #16 

Trustee Holloway was absent)

Motion by Trustee Jones

Second by Trustee Hanacek

at 178:39 Unidentified Staff member said they would go back and listen to March 8, 2017 Audio to check Agenda Item #3

Board Audio at 177:32

Agenda Item #16 Approval of the January 25, 2017 Regular Board Meeting Minutes page 172

Link to Minutes

BLUE CARD Dawn Urbanek 

At the last Board meeting you approved minutes that were five months old, now you are at 2 months. Why is it taking CUSD so long to approve Board Meeting minutes?

At the last meeting I accidentally spoke to Agenda Item #4 when we were on Agenda Item #3. Everyone recognized the comment as Agenda Item #4. When we were done, Trustees just moved on to Item #5 so Agenda Item #3 was not ever voted on. You won't know that for three or four months when you actually do your minutes for tonights meeting.