Board Meeting Agenda

Board Audio at 94:06

at 94:09 Gordon Amerson Presented the Item

Approve the

CUSD to Eliminate the following positions:


1) Eliminate positions due to a lack of certainty as to funding

2) Eliminate Funding in Mental Health Budget due to budget concerns.


at 95:35 Rhonda Whalen

Not a year has gone by without a layoff. The District has the right to layoff employees when funding is through donations or one time categorical funding. I am particularly concerned about the safety of students when we layoff Middle School Campus Supervisors and Mental Health & Behavior Support Specialist. People deserve stable employment. CUSD needs to do a much better job of informing new employees that their job is a temporary position based on the ability to obtain additional funding.


at 98:37 Superintendent Vital

During lean times there was a lot of positions filled with one-time funds. In terms of Mental Health funds I agree it it should not happen but funding is not consistent and it is what it is.

at 99:36 Trustee Reardon 

When this was first brought to my attention the number of positions was 11. Is it the difference between 57 and 41- 16?

at 99:50 Gordon Amerson 

It is a complicated formula

at 100:41 Trustee Reardon 

How many people are effected?

at 100:44 Trustee Jones

I did the math is 29.

at 100:47 Gordon Amerson 

28 FTE could be as many as 40 people effected - laid off and/or bumped

at 101:10 Trustee Pritchard

In the future can we add the funding to the Job description so that people will know this is one-time funding?

at 101:39 Gordon Amerson

I am not sure if we do that or not I would need to check.

at 101:43 Trustee Hatton Hodson

Going forward could we do that.

at 101:50 Trustee Pritchard

So that Employees know this is one time money and the job may not be permanent

at 101:54 Trustee Hatton-Hodson

Yes so employees know going forward

at 102:00 Gordon Anderson

I will check and bring that back to you.

at 102:08 Trustee McNicholas

What is the backup plan for covering yard duty on middle school campuses? 

at 102:34 Gordon Anderson

We are having those discussions now. Part of the answer is tied to negotiations.

at 103:04 Trustee Jones

Thank Ms Whalen for her thoughtful comments. Going forward we need to have better planning. We either need these jobs or we do not

103:54 Motion to approve the Resolution is made by Trustee Jones  

Second by Trustee Hatton-Hodson

Vote to approve resolution 6-0-1 (Trustee Holloway absent)



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