May 24, 2017 BOT Meeting Agenda Item #34 Districtwide Facilities Condition Assessment Services Proposal:  page 346
RED FLAG: City of San Juan Capistrano and Ambuehl Elementary School Parents 


CUSD hired Kitchell to do a facilities study on Ambuehl Elementary School as a test to see if they wanted to hire this company to do a full districtwide facilities condition assessment services proposal. This Agenda Item presents the results of the Ambuehl study and asks the Board to approve a contract in the amount of $599,744.75 to complete a districtwide facilities needs study. The $599,744.75 will be paid for out of the Deferred Maintenance Fund.



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The Kitchell Study found that Ambuehl has facilities that violate the Williams Settlement.

The legislation implementing the Williams settlement requires that every school district provide a uniform complaint process for complaints regarding insufficient instructional materials, unsafe or unhealthy facility conditions, and teacher vacancies and mis-assignments.

The findings of Kitchell would violate the Williams Settlement requiring that the State of California would not mandate that students attend Ambuehl Elementary School if the facilities were unsafe or unhealthy.

The Kitchell study found the following which would violate the Williams settlement and gave the school a rating of POOR:

  • General Buildings: Life safety, ADA, inadequate restroom quantity
  • Mechanical Systems: Poor condition, end of useful life, rust, corrosion. Two
    units inoperable
  • Plumbing Systems: Inoperable water heater, water fountains, calcium build up
  • Electrical Systems: Switchgear & panels past useful life, lamp replacement
    difficult, added receptacles required
  • Fire Alarm Systems: Panel in poor condition
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems: No fire sprinkler in main building

The Associated Costs of Immediate (Williams Complaint) Repairs: $990,954.00

CUSD has given employees across the board compensation increases totalling over $120 million dollars while forcing students and staff to attend a school that is "unsafe" and "unhealthy". 

CUSD hires NO NAME-ADRESS-PHONE NUMBER- "Facilities Inspection Services Incorporated" which does business as "CSC- Lawyers Incorporating Service"

Source at page 45 of 388: 

Source: CA Secretary of State

Contract is being approved on the May 24, 2017 BOT Meeting as Agenda Item #4 page 51 of 388 for $41,880.00. Ambuehl Elementary has been given a "GOOD" on all SCARC reports from these Inspectors hired by CUSD.


Ambuehl Elementary School SACR Report:

This is also in contrast to the facilities requirements specified in CUSD's Measure M documentation which INFLATED the needed repair costs at Ambuehl stating that preliminary cost estimates were $14.6 million while Kitchell who did a "recent study" stated $8,432,518.00. 

There is criminal activity going on within CUSD and a BLUE CARD should have been pulled for this consent item.


If the District truly intends to float a NEW Bond then the services of Kitchell will be valuable as CUSD has inflated the facilities needs cost on the November 2016 Measure M Bond by a criminal amount.