July 26, 2017 Capistrano Unified BOT Meeting Agenda Item #2 - DONATIONS OF FUNDS AND EQUIPMENT

BLUE CARD - Dawn Urbanek

The District no longer funds Art Music and Science for every student. These are CORE EDUCATIONAL CLASSES that are mandated by the State of California to be part of a basic educational curriculum. These courses must be taught by a credentialed teacher and the course content must align with California Minimum Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks. When CUSD relies on fundraising (one time money) to pay for "Core Educational  Programs" it creates wealth based inequities in the quality of education that students receive within the district and is a violation of the State Constitution which require that all students have equal opportunity to achieve a quality education. CUSD knows this but looks the other way so that it can dedicate 90% of its budget to employee compensation rather than fund art, music and science; reduce class sizes and fix and maintain facilities. CUSD staff thanks the Public every Board meeting for their generosity and laughs all the way to the bank as taxpayers pay twice for a service the State of California is Constitutionally obligated to fund. 

FUN FACT- Jerry Brown instituted the "Local Control Funding Formula" which intentionally underfunds every school district in the state that has a low percentage of ELL, Free and Reduced Lunch and/or Foster Children. By doing so he knows that the wealthy suburban school districts will make up the difference through fundraising and donations and then he can siphon the money he should be giving to the district, to fund new programs and entitlements that are not constitutionally mandated- aka "High Speed Rail". Jerry Brown has siphoned $1.56 billion from CUSD alone since 2007 -08.  So any person who volunteers to "fundraise for education" is volunteering to tax themselves twice for the same service.

"Science Camp"

"Meet the Masters"

"School use as needed"

"Educational Enhancements"

"Classroom Materials and Supplies"

Canyon Vista Elementary received $29,356.00 - there are many schools that receive almost nothing in donations- I guess CUSD does not care about the quality of education that students within CUSD who's parents cannot afford to fundraise receive. These students get no instruction in Art Music or Science, or have parents volunteer to teach these classes. They have larger class sizes because they cannot afford to pay instructional aids, librarians or additional teachers to effectively reduce class sizes. The quality of education they receive is not equal to the quality of education students in wealthier school in the District receive. That being said- even the wealthiest schools have had to cut their art and music programs because even they cannot afford to keep pace with the compensation increases block music teachers have received. Average Teacher compensation has gone from $95,000.00 in 2012-13 to over $111,000.00 in 2014-15.  

Do CUSD taxpayers really want to continue to fundraise so employees can keep getting raises? 

Pay to Play: 

Bens's Asphalt is a Vendor and although this is a very small donation ($253.75) - this should never happen because it gives the appearance of PAY to PLAY" which is a very real problem for cash strapped school districts.