July 26, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda Item #29  CUSD to Sell Surplus Property Above Niguel Hill Middle School -  Public Scrutiny of All Land Deals is Required to Ensure that their is NO GIFTING OF PUBLIC ASSETS

Board Meeting Agenda at page 640

The 2.47 acre site is currently used for storage of car inventory. Rental income from car storage generates $105 per day - $3,200 per month and $38,000 per year in income for CUSD. At a January 18, 2017 Asset Management Planning workshop, the District stated it had 3 options for the site:

  1. Continue the use agreement with the local car dealership and renegotiate terms.
  2. Lease the Site potentially for storage of RV's/boats.
  3. Sell the site as is to another developer potentially to a residential developer.

The land was valued at $6,025,000 million in 2006.

At the January 26, 2017 workshop Staff recommended that CUSD choose Option 1 - Renegotiating use agreement with local car dealership.

At the February 22, 2017 Board Meeting Trustees approved Resolution No 1617-50 on the consent Calendar without discussion which stated:

Staff is now relying on a 2006 Advisory Committee recommendation and is asking the Board approve the sale of the land. What work has been done between February and now to change CUSD's decision to sale the property vs re-negotiate the rental agreement with the car company?

Has Staff really discussed this property with the City of Laguna Niguel?

Selling the Property As Is-

It appears that this property is NOT a single parcel - part of the land that is to be sold is on the main campus of Niguel Hills Middle School.

This Resolution was "Prepared" by Clark Hampton and "Approved" by Clark Hampton. I would caution Trustees that the last land purchase that Clark Hampton and Superintendent Vital negotiated on Consent Calendar resulted in a purchase price that gifted $13 million in taxpayer dollars to the Ranch and is now the subject of an investigation by the Orange County District Attorney. Neither Clark Hampton nor Kristen Vital are licensed by the State of California as brokers. The attorney of record on that deal had no name stated on the documents and signed his name with an "X". A complaint was filed with the Bureau of Real Estate because taxpayers have a right to ensure that their interests are being represented by this Board.



February 22, 2017 BOT Meeting Agenda  Agenda Item #9 Resolution No. 1617-50 

Board Audio at 63:37

NOTE: This Resolution was placed on the Consent Calendar and Pulled by the PUBLIC for Discussion. 

The Board voted 6-0-1 WITHOUT COMMENT (Trustee Reardon was absent)

The Item was moved by Trustee Pritchard. A second by Trustee Hatton-Hodson.


A Complaint has been filed with the California Bureau of Real Estate Against Clark Hampton and Kristen Vital for Negotiating Real Estate Transactions without a license or an identified Attorney of Record.