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This Item was passed on Consent without discussion

RH Dana Elementary School

$38,167.93 RH Dana Flooring Moisture Testing

Marblehead Elementary School - Half Time Happenings

$5,900.00 City of San Clemente Provide recreation leaders for Halftime Happenings Program at Marblehead Elementary School - shouldn't this be coming from "Gift Funds" not the "General Fund"?

Pali Institute

$501,000 Pali Institute Outdoor Education - shouldn't this be coming from "Gift Funds" not the "General Fund"?

Aroyo Vista ES $21,571.00

Carl Hankey ES $9,825.50

Concordia ES $16,530.00

Don Juan Avila $26,975.00

John S Malcom ES $19,308.75

Oso Grande ES $36,960.00

Tijeras Creek ES $12,865.00

Truman Benedict ES $22,995.50

Vista Del Mar ES $43,600.00

Wagon Wheel ES $18,986.25


School Services of California, Inc.

$100,000.00 Provide services related to District collective bargaining negotiations.

Illuminiate Education

Illuminate Education is a student data collection and assessment platform. This Item amended the $224,000 contract by $11,000 to $235,000 without an explanation as to what the increase was for.

Eric Hall & Associates

Increase contract from $25,000 to $40,000

Consultant Hired to provide administrative support of vendor contracts, the competitive bidding process including negotiations, analysis, recommendation and preparation of District bids, leases and contracts with Venors

Public Economics Inc. 

Amend Fee Schedule

Consultant hired to help CUSD with Special Services:

New Markets Tax Credits

A program that provides income tax credits to for- profit entities that make qualified investments in low income communities. Charter schools and other non-profit entities can benefit from NMTC even though such entities are exempt from federal income tax and cannot directly benefit from federal tax credits. Typically the NMTC's are sold to for-profit investors and the sales proceeds create a subsidy that can be used by a non-profit entity to write down the cost of its facility acquisition or facility financing.

Redevelopment Consulting

Redevelopment consulting services may include obtaining additional revenues from:

New redevelopment project areas established or amended pursuant to AB 1290 and SB 211

Existing redevelopment project areas which pre-date AB 1290, including"2 Percent" payments per the Santa Ana decision

Enforcing RDA compliance with existing redevelopment agreements

Housing subsidies for qualified District employees

Other Services:

School Facilities Needs analyses/Fee Justification Studies

Development and Reimbursement Agreements

Strategic Funding Plans

Financial Advisory Services

Asset Management


Gayle Paride

Extend contract term through June 30, 2018

Communications Strategist and Independent Contractor- CUSD- another MARKETING CONSULTANT

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There is no indication as to why the contract amount is being increased by $11,000

The amount went from $224,000 to $235,000 without explanation.

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