CUSDWatch: San Diego Water Board Permit allowed the Ranch to grade and build drainage on CUSD property without notifying CUSD and the Public. All the water is being funneled onto Tesoro High School Property.

When you blow up the pictures on Google Maps- Zillow and Bing it is obvious that a lot of work has been done inside Tesoro High School Property boundaries. 

If you zoom in close, you can see all the drainage culverts that have been created. The concrete culvert below was done by the Army Corp of Engineers- the rocks draining water from the graded area are new. So is the concrete culvert to the right that heads south.

The water then runs underground

Farther South along Tesoro Creek Road, two new culverts drain water from the Toll Road west to Tesoro

The first one is below


The second one is below


The culvert continues and actually passes under Tesoro Creek Road in two places.

First one shown below


Second one shown below

And new gravel is draining water from Tesoro Creek Road West to the Tennis Courts

There are four more culverts that run between the California Native Plant Garden and Tesoro High School Track - New Construction?

And next to Tesoro High Schools Base Ball Diamond

This grading and drainage work is being done inside Tesoro High School property boundaries on Parcels 60, 69 and 82 without the Capsitrano Unified School Districts knowledge or permission?  How did this happen?

I think it is time for the Capistrano Unified School District to expand its law suit to include the Ranch and the San Diego Water Board.

San Diego Water Board 401 Water Quality Certification