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The following classes are recognized as "Honors Classes" at all Colleges.

Honors Pre-Calculus ATMS   

Honors Chemistry/ATMS 


The following classes are not recognized as Honors Classes for Calculating GPA to get into UC or CalState schools

Honors English 1/ATMS - 9th grade class - not included in UC GPA

Honors English II/ATMS 

Honors Algebra II/Trig/ATMS

Honors World History 

Honors Biology/ATMS 


A student who takes these Honors classes get a grade bump of 1 point each semester:

A = 5

B = 4

C = 3

D = 2

F = 1 


So if a student takes the following classes in 10th and 11th grade they get a bump in GPA.

Class   CUSD GPA UC/CalState GPA
Honors Pre-Calculus ATMS  5/5  5/5 
Honors Chemistry/ATMS  5/5  5/5 
Honors English II/ATMS    5/5  4/4 
Honors Algebra II/Trig/ATMS   5/5   4/4 
Honors Biology/ATMS    5/5  4/4 
Honors World History   5/5  4/4 


Sample Sophomore GPA Calculation 

Class   CUSD GPA UC/CalState GPA
Honors English II/ATMS    5/5  4/4 
Honors Algebra II/Trig/ATMS   5/5  4/4 
Honors Biology/ATMS    5/5 4/4 
Honors World History   5/5 4/4 
Foreign Language    4/4  4/4  
Students need to make sure they take UC Honors classes if they want the bump to be included in their GPA calculation for UC and CalState or take AP classes in your Junior and Senior Year.   


divided by 5 classes

GPA 4.8


divided by 5 classes

GPA 4.0

CUSD needs to submit all Honors Classes to UC Doorways and get them approved so that students are not handicapped when applying to UC and CalState Schools. 

In the example above, the UC System would not recognize the 4.8 the UC would re-calculate the GPA to a 4.0



Student profile admittance into UC Merced


The Student may be limited to UC Merced or a CalState School.

This issue needs to be fixed immediately.

Parents- be sure to plan course selection carefully. The difference in GPA may make Private Schools the only/best option for many students who were not aware of the difference in UC approved Honors classes and District only designated Honors classes.

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More Information: When is an Honors Class not Really an Honors Class