Election Year


Number of School Facility  Measures placed on the Ballot Total School Facility Bond Debt placed on the Ballot Election Results   Total New School Facility Bond Debt
Passed Failed
April 5, 2011 1 $270,000,000 1 0 $270,000,000
November 8, 2011 8  $1,315,100,000 6 2  $744,100,000

Total New Local School Facility Bond Debt $1,014,100,000


April 5, 2011 Election State of California School Bond Measures


Source: BigBadBonds.com 

1 School Bond Measures were on the Ballot totaling $270,100,000 ($270 million)

1 School Bond Measures passed creating $270,100,000 ($270 million) in new local debt.

0 Measure Failed

Los Angeles County

Measure S: Glendale Unified School District bond proposition

In 1997, voters in the school district approved a Measure K bond. Residents are still paying the Measure K bond in 2011. The tax increase needed to pay for Measure S will be combined with the tax rate already paying for Measure K into a combined tax rate "such that the best estimate of the combined tax rate, based on the estimated assessed valuations...is not estimated to exceed...$46.03 per $100,000 of assessed valu

Pass  $270,000,000 Increase tax to $46.03 for every $100,000 of assessed value. Not Specified
Total School Bond Measures $270,000



November 8, 2011 Election State of California School Bond Measures


Source: BigBadBonds.com

8 School Bond Measures were on the Ballot totaling $1,315,100,000 ($1.32 billion)

6 School Bond Measures passed creating $711,110,000 ($711.1 million) in new local debt.

2 Measure Failed $604,000,000 ($604 million)

Alameda County
Measure G: Newark Unified School District Bond Measure Pass  $63,000,000 $39 for every $100,000 of assessed value. Not Specified
Los Angeles County
Measure E: Newhall School District Bond Proposition Pass $60,000,000 Not Specified Legal Rates
Marin County
Measure A: Larkspur School District Bond Proposition Pass   $26,000,000 $30 per $100,000 of assessed valuation  Not Specified 
Monterey County     
Measure T: Bradley Union School District bond proposition Pass $1,100,000 Not Specified Legal Rate
San Francisco County  
Proposition A: San Francisco Unified School District bond Pass $531,000,000 $21 per $100,000 of assessed value  Legal Rates
San Mateo County  
Measure N: Millbrae School District proposition Pass $30,000,000 $30 per $100,000 of assessed valuation Legal Rate
Measure O: San Bruno Park School District Bond Proposition Failed   $40,000,000 Not Specified 30- 40 years
Measure H: San Mateo Community College District Bond Proposition Failed $564,000,000 $12.92 a year for every $100,000 of a property's assessed value Not Specified 
Total School Bond Measures $1,315,100,000