Election Year


Number of School Facility  Measures placed on the Ballot Total School Facility Bond Debt placed on the Ballot Election Results   Total New School Facility Bond Debt
Passed Failed
June 5, 2012 34 $2,320,575,000 25 9 $1,517,250,000
November 6, 2012 106  $14,429,141,190 91 15  $13,278,801,109

Total New Local School Facility Bond Debt $14,796,051,109



June 5, 2012, Election California School Bond Measures


Source: BigBadBonds.com 

34 School Bond Measures on the Ballot totaling $2,300,545,000 ($2.3 billion)

25 Measures passed totaling $1,987,850,000 ($1.99 billion)

  9 Measures failed totaling $312,695,000 ($312.7 million)

Alameda County    
Measure EDublin Unified Passed $99,000,000    
Butte County    
Measure B: Biggs Unified School District Bond Failed $6,000,000 $0.047 per $100 assessed value
Not Specified
Measure C: Gridley Unified School District Bond Proposition Failed $11,000,000 Not Specified Legal Rates
Measure D: Gridley Elementary School District Proposition Passed $2,500,000 Not Specified Legal Rates
Contra Costa County    
Antioch Unified, Measure J Failed $59,500,000 Not Specified Legal Rates
El Dorado County    
Pollock Pines Elementary, Measure K Passed $9,000,000    
Fresno County    
Clovis Unified, Measure A Passed $298,000,000    
Sierra Unified, Measure O Failed $5,400,000    
Humbolt County    
Southern Trinity Unified, Measure V Passed $2,300,000    
Trindad Union, Measure W Passed $2,200,000    
Kern County    
Norris School District, Measure B Passed $149,000,000    
Taft City School, Measure C Passed $23,600,000    
Kings County    
Corcoran Joint Unified, Measure V Failed $9,000,000    
Reef-Sunset Unified, Measure A Passed $10,800,000    
Los Angeles County    
Charter Oak Unified, Measure CO Passed $47,000,000    
Sulphur Springs Union Elementary, Measure CK Passed $72,000,000    
Orange County    
Brea-Olinda Unified, Measure E Failed $54,000,000    
Savanna Elementary, Measure G Passed $28,750,000    
Riverside County    
Jurupa Unified, Measure M Failed $125,000,000    
Val Verde Unified, Measure L Passed $178,000,000    
San Diego County    
Proposition H: Alpine Union School District Bonds Failed $11,995,000 Not Specified Legal Rates
Mountain Empire, Proposition G Failed $30,800,000    
San Joaquin County    
Lincoln Unified, Measure A Passed $48,500,000    
San Mateo County    
Cabrillo Unified, Measure S Passed $81,000,000    
Santa Barbara County    
Buellton Union, Measure V Passed $3,200,000    
Santa Clara County    
Cupertino Union, Measure H Passed $200,000,000    
Milpitas Unified, Measure E Passed $95,000,000    
Mountain View Whisman, Measure G Passed $198,000,000    
Multiple Counties    
West Valley-Mission Community College, Measure C Passed $350,000,000    
Sonoma County    
Healdsburg Unified, Measure E Passed $35,000,000    
Guerneville, Measure F Passed $6,000,000    
Old Adobe Union, Measure G Passed $26,000,000    
Sebastopol Union, Measure H Passed $9,000,000    
Wright, Measure I Passed $14,000,000    
  Total School Bond Measures $1,494,245,000   


November 6, 2012, Election California School Bond Measures


Source: BigBadBonds.com

106 School Bond Measures on the Ballot totaling $14,429,141,190 ($14.4 billion)

91 Measures passed totaling $13,278,801,191 ($13.3 billion)

15 Measures failed totaling $1,150,340,000 ($1.15 billion)

Alameda County  
Measure J: Oakland Unified School District Proposition Passed $475,000,000 $39 -$60 per $100,000.00 of the assessed valuation. Not Specified 
Butte County  
Measure E: Chico Unified School District Proposition Passed $78,000,000 Not Specified  Not Specified 
Measure G: Gridley Unified Unified School District proposition Failed $11,000,000 Not Specified  Legal Rates
Contra Costa County  
Measure B: Antioch High School Bond Proposition Passed $56,500,000 Not Specified  Legal Rates 
Measure H: Knightsen Elementary Failed $3,000,000 To refinance a lease entered into in 2007 and make funds available  Legal Rates 
Measure D: San Ramon Valley Unified School District Bond Proposition Passed $260,000,000 $13.20 in increased property taxes for each $100,000 of assessed valuation. Legal Rates 25 years 
Measure E: West Contra Costa Unified School District Bond Proposition Passed $360,000,000  Not Specified Legal Rates 10 year
Fresno County    
Measure C: Caruthers Unified Passed $12,000,000    
Measure M: Mendota Unified Passed $19,000,000    
Measure S: Sanger Unified Passed $50,000,000    
Measure W: Washington Unified Passed $22,000,000    
Glen County    
Measure P: Willows Unified Failed $14,700,000    
Humbolt County    
Measure F: Arcata Elementary Passed $7,000,000    
Measure D: Fortuna Union Passed $10,000,000    
Imperial County    
Measure S: Brawley Elementary Passed $7,500,000    
Kern County    
Measure O: Elk Hills School District Proposition Failed $6,200,000  Not Specified Not Specified 
Measure M: McFarland Unified Passed $25,000,000 Not Specified  Not Specified 
Panama-Buena Vista Union, Measure P Passed $147,000,000 Not Specified  Not Specified 
Measure Q: Standard School Passed $11,200,000    
Los Angeles County    
Measure BB: Bellflower Unified Passed $79,000,000    
Measure QS: Castaic Union Elementary Passed $51,000,000    
Measure G: Cerritos Community College Passed $350,000,000    
Measure CC: Covina-Valley Unified, Passed $129,000,000    
Measure E: El Camino Community College Passed $350,000,000    
Measure GG: Inglewood Unified Passed $90,000,000    
Measure L: Lancaster Elementary Passed $63,000,000    
Measure EE: Little Lake City Passed $18,000,000    
Measure K: Lynwood Unified Passed $93,000,000    
Measure DD: Palmdale Elementary Passed $220,000,000    
Measure Q: Measure QRedondo Beach Unified Passed $63,000,000    
Measure R: Rowland Unified Passed $158,800,000    
Measure ES: Santa Monica-Malibu Unified Passed $385,000,000    
Measure S: Temple City Unified Passed $128,800,000    
Measure WR: Westside Union Elementary Passed $18,510,000    
Measure Z: Whittier City Elementary Passed $55,000,000    
Measure E: Delhi Unified Passed $8,000,000    
Measure G: Weaver Union Passed $9,000,000    
Monterey County    
Measure C: Soledad Unified Passed $40,000,000    
Measure B: Spreckels Union Passed $7,000,000    
Multiple Counties    
Measure L: West Hills Community College Passed $12,655,000    
Measure K: Kings Canyon Unified Passed $40,000,000    
Measure X: Coachella Valley Unified Passed $41,000,000    
Measure O: Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified Failed $98,000,000    
Measure L: Pajaro Valley Unified Passed $150,000,000    
Solano Community College Passed $348,000,000    
Napa County    
Measure C: St. Helena Unified Passed $30,000,000    
Orange County    
Measure M: Coast Community College Passed $698,000,000    
Measure N: Fountain Valley Failed $23,500,000    
Measure O: La Habra City Schools Passed $31,000,000    
Measure P: Ocean View Schools Failed $198,000,000    
Measure Q: Rancho Santiago Community College Passed $198,000,000    
Measure S: Tustin Unified Passed $135,000,000    
Riverside County 
Measure W: Alvord Unified Passed $79,000,000    
Measure U: Hemet Unified Passed $49,000,000    
Measure V: Nuview Union Passed $4,000,000    
Perris Union High Passed $153,420,000    
Measure Y: Temecula Valley Unified Passed $165,000,000    
Sacramento County    
Measure P: Folsom Cordova Unified Passed $68,000,000    
Measure Q: Sacramento City Unified Passed $346,000,000    
Measure R: Sacramento City Unified Passed $68,000,000    
Measure N: San Juan Unified Passed $350,000,000    
San Bernardino County    
Measure P: Chaffey Joint Union High Passed $848,000,000    
Measure N: San Bernardino City Unified Passed $250,000,000    
San Diego County    
Measure C: Cajon Valley Union Passed $88,400,000    
Measure E: Chula Vista Elementary Passed $90,000,000    
Measure D: Dehesa Schools Passed $3,000,000    
Proposition CC: Del Mar Union Failed $76,800,000    
Measure V: Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College Passed $398,000,000    
Proposition EE: MiraCosta Community College Failed $497,000,000    
Measure G: Mountain Empire Unified Failed $30,800,000    
Measure R: Ramona Unified Failed $66,000,000    
Proposition Z: San Diego Unified Passed $2,800,000,000    
Proposition AA: San Dieguito Union High Passed $449,000,000    
Measure Y: South Bay Union Passed $26,000,000    
San Joaquin County    
Measure B: Escalon Unified Passed $19,500,000    
Measure G: Ripon Unified Passed $25,236,190    
Measure E: Stockton Unified Passed $156,000,000    
San Luis Obispo    
Measure H: Templeton Unified Passed $35,000,000    
San Mateo County    
Measure D: Burlingame Elementary Passed $56,000,000    
Measure I: Jefferson Elementary Passed $67,500,000    
Measure E: Jefferson Union High Passed $41,900,000    
San Carlos Elementary Passed $72,000,000    
Santa Barbara County    
Measure K: College School District Failed $12,000,000    
Measure L: Santa Ynez Valley Union High Failed $19,840,000    
Santa Clara County    
Measure J: Alum Rock Union Passed $125,000,000 $30 a year for every $100,000 in assessed value Legal Rates 
Measure I: East Side Union High Passed $120,000,000 $9.19 a year for every $100,000 in assessed value  Below Legal Rated 
Measure G: Morgan Hill High School District Bond Proposition Passed $198,250,000 $59 a year for every $100,000 in assessed value. Legal Rates
Measure L: Mount Pleasant School District Bond Proposition Passed $25,000,000 $30 a year for every $100,000 in assessed value Legal Rates 
Measure H: San Jose Unified School District Bond Proposition Passed $290,000,000 $28.80 a year for every $100,000 in assessed value  Legal Rates
Santa Cruz County    
Measure M: Pacific Elementary Passed $830,000    
Shasta County    
Measure C: Antioch Union High Passed $12,300,000    
Siskiyou County    
Measure R: Butteville Union Failed $3,500,000    
Sonoma County    
Measure M: Gravenstein Union Passed $6,000,000    
Measure N: Roseland Schools Passed $7,000,000    
Measure P: Wilmar Union Passed $4,000,000    
Tulare County    
Measure H: Earlimart Schools Passed $3,600,000    
Measure L: Lindsay Unified Passed $16,000,000    
Measure J: Porterville Unified Failed $90,000,000    
Measure E: Visalia Unified Passed $60,100,000    
Tuolumne County    
Measure J: Sonora Union High Passed $23,000,000    
Measure H: Summerville Union High Passed $8,000,000    
Ventura County    
Measure T: Hueneme Elementary Passed $19,600,000    
Measure P: Ocean View Schools Passed $4,200,000    
Measure R: Oxnard Schools Passed $90,000,000    
Measure S: Somis Union Passed $9,000,000    
Yuba CountyPassed   
Measure U: Wheatland Union Passed $9,000,000    
  Total School Bond Measures  $14,429,141,190