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Comment Dawn Urbanek

Re: ASB Funded Positions

ASB Funded Positions $210,209.00 

CUSD is relying on one-time money to fund on-going positions in the District. Having to "raise" these funds every year is another tax on CUSD taxpayers.

Right now the wage paid is $10 per hour- what happens to taxpayers when the minimum wage goes up to $15 per hour? 

Re: College & Career Counselors

CUSD has hired a lot of College & Career Counselors this year at salary levels above $115,000.00 (more than a teacher). Their resumes reflect more of a sales/marketing background rather than a "Counseling" background. 





page 468 $15,280

at page 469 $28,801

at page 470 $36,135

at page 471 $37,084

at page 472 $33,373

at page 473 $59,536


CUSD Hires Anthony Russomanno College & Career Counseling Coordinator


page 463

Should an Employee of District be allowed to continue an educational consulting business? Is that a Conflict of Interest? 

President, Educational and Business Consultant at RAR Consulting Group, Inc

CUSD hires Anthony Russomanno Coordinator, College & Career Counseling $115,910 yr 

(11 months/40 hpw)


College and Career Counseling Coordinator

– Present (3 months)San Juan Capistrano, CA

• Develop and provide educational counseling services regarding college and career assistance to students, parents, teachers, and counselors.
• Coordinate one-on-one personalized sessions and group workshops
• Lead college and career curriculum development, training, marketing and outreach, and partnership efforts throughout the district

President, Educational Business Consultant

RAR Consulting Group
– Present (1 year 1 month)Orange County, California Area

Specializing in work with schools, test preparation and admission companies.
• Assess and monitor clients’ existing business practices, identify weaknesses and critical issues and recommend effective solutions.
• Deliver expert sales consultations and presentations in-person and online
• Manage large-scale projects including lead generation, brand strategy, new product development, content evaluation and creation, sales training, partnership enrichment, marketing campaigns, and event programming.

Premier Tutor

The Princeton Review
(22 years 1 month)

• Deliver one-on-one test prep tutoring (SAT, ACT, PSAT, GMAT, GRE) to students
• Manage scores and expectations, and tailor study plans to better serve student experience
• Analyze curriculum and training needs for new test preparation programs designed to increase score improvement

AVP, National Director of Educational Partnerships

The Princeton Review
(6 years 10 months)

• Secured key business with institutions, organizations and corporations
• Created customized communication plans to increase student service and employee benefit program engagement
• Designed and implemented a company-wide partnership strategy across local and national teams with focus on targeted channel marketing, brand positioning, customer loyalty and growth opportunities
• Supervised all aspects of partner relationships to maximize return on investment including budgeting, progress reporting, email and web campaigns, client contact, lead generation, conversion tactics, event coordination, content creation, partnership enrichment, proposal writing, contract renewal and deal negotiation
• Successfully launched the company’s first online affiliate marketing program driving over $3 million in revenue

(Open)5 recommendations, including:
  • Michelle Bergland
    Michelle Bergland
    SVP Human Resources at The Princeton Review &

    Anthony has been a dedicated and valued employee at The Princeton Review for 18 years - it's hard to find that kind of...View

  • Rachel Mead
    Rachel Mead
    Dynamic leader with over 20 years of experience in supplemental education sales, program management, staff development, and academic counseling

    Anthony is an amazing asset for growing partnership relationships and joint marketing. He is able to quickly assess ways in...View

3 more recommendations

National Product Manager

The Princeton Review
(1 year 8 months)

• Developed and implemented the national product, pricing, positioning and promotion strategy and objectives
• Identified customer needs and tailored products and programs to better serve end‐user experience
• Created and advised cross-regional teams and cross- functional collaboration work streams across 50 offices in order to support program development pinpointing company-wide solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction
• Monitored product performance to maintain excellent gross margins and capture market-leading dominance
• Managed large-scale projects including product development investments, product requirements, score improvement studies, sales forecasts and new product launch

Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

The Princeton Review, Southern CA
(2 years 7 months)

• Collaborated with 8 local offices to monitor, create and maintain marketing metrics, objectives and sales goals
• Cultivated customer relationships and served as the liaison to community schools and businesses
• Led recruiting and training efforts for sales staff and expert speakers as well as provided implementation tools
• Recognized as one of the top national test prep salespersons in terms of revenue and territory size
• Presented over 125 workshops per year as an expert for high school and college events and conferences

Sales and Marketing Director

The Princeton Review, Orange County
(7 years 5 months)

• Inspired and restructured a local teaching company into an innovative sales organization, generating a local revenue increase of $10 million over 10 years, eventually leading to the sale of the franchise for $30 million
• Developed and implemented marketing strategies and grassroots campaigns including management of multiple student service programs across hundreds of schools and districts
• Supervised a 5-person team plus assisted in the recruitment, hiring and training of staff and teachers
• Worked with multiple national and cross-functional teams to implement company-wide initiatives
• Researched, forecasted, and established sales goals to improve revenue and enhance productivity
• Acted as the major creative force for letters, e-mails, ads, flyers and brochures
• Managed incoming and outgoing sales calls including training all advisors
• Identified the need for and inaugurated the company’s first sales contact center on the West Coast

Family and Child Therapy Counselor

South Coast Center
(3 years 1 month)

• Counseled and facilitated problem solving for individuals, couples, and families in crisis
• Assessed and treated issues of abuse, depression, behavioral problems, and relationship difficulties
• Evaluated and collaborated treatment with other therapists and health care professionals