All of the Adults Owe All of the Students at Both High Schools an Apology

Top stories: Santa Ana principal claims 'racist' behavior by Aliso Niguel students at football game...

Friday Night Aliso Viejo High School Played Santa Ana High School In football.

The ASB asked all students to wear Red White and Blue

Students made posters for the game. 

Jeff Bishop, Principal of Santa Ana High School felt the posters were political in nature and were racist.

"After hearing chants from the student cheering section - "USA-USA-USA" after the first two touchdowns, morally - I could not ignore it anymore!

The Principal of Santa Ana Unified went to talk to the Principal at Aliso Niguel and explained that many posters were political in nature and racially charged. He asked that they be taken down and that disrespectful students be removed.

Then he ran to the press.

The Orange County Register published an article entitled: Santa Ana High School Principal claims 'racist' behavior by Aliso Niguel students at football game and displayed the picture below.

The LA Times article at least blocked out the students faces.

Jeff Bishop stated that the signs were racially based.

"The enrollment at Santa Ana High is almost 99% Latino; Aliso Niguel’s student body is majority white."

Principal Jeff Bishop should apologize for seeking out the press in order to turn this into something bigger than it needed to be-

He should also apologize for his mis-statements regarding the racial make-up of Aliso Niguel High School. 55.8% is NOT "mostly white"

The Orange County Register should apologize for using the picture it used without hiding the identity of the students.

So now every child in that picture is labeled a racist for the entire world to see... including any colleges these poor students might be applying to. 

Principal Deni Christensen should apologize for her lack of leadership.

Having a Red White and Blue night is fine. The ASB poster encouraging students to wear red white and blue makes no reference to 9-11 and neither do the posters that have been photographed to date.

Staff and Faculty at Aliso Niguel should have reviewed the Posters prior to them being hung at the game and removed any inappropriate posters.

Keep Politics out of Public Schools.

What is more troubling than all of this is the adult discussions that followed on Jeff Bishops personal facebook page.

I hope the police are taking a look at some of this because it is a threat to the health and safety of students in the Capistrano Unified School District.






All the Facebook posts can be read here Jeff Bishop Principal at Santa Ana Unified School District