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The San Clemente Way

Strategic Plan to Make San Clemente Strong Again!


1. Make San Clemente a CHARTER CITY.

San Clemente is currently a "General Law City". A charter city is a city in which the governing system is defined by the city's own charter document rather than by state, provincial, regional or national laws. In California, cities which have not adopted a charter are organized by state law. This would give the City of San Clemente more power to restore the "Rule of Law" in San Clemente and would give residents the tools it needs to more effectively deal with issues like:

a. The Homeless, and

b. Crime.

2. STOP THE TOLL ROAD by protecting the health and safety of our children, and taxpayer property rights. 

CUSD Trustees have a legal obligation; a fiduciary duty, to protect the health and safety of staff and students and the property rights of taxpayers.

CUSD Trustees have failed in this duty.

a. CUSD has looked the other way while the TCA/CalTrans, County of Orange, the Rancho Mission Viejo Company and the San Diego Water Board have allowed the Tesoro Extension of the 241 to be built on Tesoro High School property (taxpayer land).

There is no minimum 500' set back as required by CEQA.

There is no protective barrier (a 10' high 3,700' wall) as required by CEQA.

The City of San Clemente needs to take action to ensure that this will not happen at San Juan Hills High School or San Clemente High School.

The following Actions should be discussed and considered:

1. The City needs to work with CUSD to take action to QUIET TITLE on all school district property which is within the TCA's proposed routes to the San Diego Border. Currently all four parcels of land that Tesoro High School sits on are in the Right of Way for the Tesoro extension of the 241. CUSD has allowed these entities to create a continual and on-going trespass of water onto school district land. Does such a trespass constitute a gifting of public assets to the TCA/CalTrans by CUSD? If the TCA/CalTrans currently have no legal right to use Tesoro High School property, then Toll Road stops at Oso.

Evidence exists that suggests that CUSD has also cleared the way for the same thing to happen at San Juan Hills High School and San Clemente High School.

2. The City needs to work with incoming DA Todd Spitzer to ensure that the Public is protected from the overreach of the TCA et al, and that any further construction of the 241 Toll Road or managed lanes down the I-5 are done in compliance with CEQA. 

*At the last TCA meeting incoming DA Todd Spitzer stated on the record that it is not OK to choose an alignment that would run through the middle of any City, and take hundreds of homes and businesses through eminent domain.


The newly elected City Council needs to complete a review and audit of the City budget and make that available to the Public. The City needs to be a government that uses taxpayer dollars to enrich the lives of residents not the City's management.


The newly elected City Council needs to complete a review and audit of City policies and laws. Streamline unnecessary regulations. The City needs to become a government that encourages residents to start businesses, encourages residents to fix up their homes and enforces the law in an equitable manner. 


In order to effectively deal with the hazard at San Onfre, the City needs to work with the Trump administration to find real solutions. This is not a "local" issue. The Federal government is the only entity that can force the safe removal and storage of the nuclear waste.


The State has already signed into law a bill that will pass the cost of the fires to the taxpayer and protect the utilities from bearing that expense. California residents could see massive cost increases for electricity in the future. San Clemente is in a very unique position to generate power from the Ocean and desalinate water at the same time. This would help insulate the City from rising utility costs. 

Dismantling San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant will take two decades and cost $4.4 billion dollars. 1,500 jobs will be lost and 2.2 gigawatts of power will need to be replaced.

Re-purposing San Onofre from a nuclear power generating plant to a tidal energy plant may be the solution to Southern California's long term, cost effective, sustainable energy needs.

Clean Energy From Free-Flowing Water

Tidal energy generation can be harnessed using in-stream devices such as an underwater turbine to create electrical power. They are essentially freestanding turbines anchored to the sea floor. The flow of the ocean current turns an impeller (just like a windmill) to create energy. However; because water has a different density than air (water is 800 times denser than air), ocean turbines can be much smaller and can turn much slower to generate the same amount of power as a wind turbine. In addition, tidal energy does not require the permanent impediment of water flow (such as a dam or other barrier) and is therefore not as harmful to aquatic life.

The most costly and difficult part of creating electricity using underwater turbines is not the cost of the turbines, but the cost of connecting the power source to the main electrical grid. San Onofre is a power generating plant already connected to the main electrical grid sitting right on the Ocean. The cost to connect off-shore underwater turbines to San Onofre would be minimal making this an exciting opportunity for the future of southern California power generation.

Space X is right up the road- lets see if they can help us generate power in slow ocean currents and desalinate water at the same time. 

Waving Goodbye to the World’s Water and Energy Woes with Tidal Power and Desalination



Everyone is encouraged to attend the next San Clemente City Council meeting tail gate - bring an appetizer to share and your own non-alcoholic drinks. We are going to welcome our new City Council members Dan Bane and Laura Ferguson AND then show our solidarity against any new severance package for City Manager James Makshanoff and Assistant City Manager Eric Sund.


lets start the conversation about The San Clemente Way!

Tailgate starts at 4:30 

Closed Session at 5:00pm

Please come and speak in opposition to outgoing Council members voting to give City Manager James Makshanoff and Assistant City Manager Eric Sund an EXTRA Severance package. 

Tailgate till Business Meeting Starts

Business Meeting at 6:00pm


City Council Chambers
San Clemente Civic Center
100 Avenida Presidio
San Clemente, California