March 8, 2017 Board MeetingAgenda Item #16:

Board Audio: 

Staff wants to change the Board Bylaws requiring the entire Board to vote to change Board Policies so that the Board can waive a second reading with a vote of two thirds of the total Board. 

BLUE CARD Dawn Urbanek

The changes to this policy are for the purpose of making it easier to amend Board Policies without having the full Board hear and vote on each policy.  

Trustee Hatton-Hodson has not been attending Board meetings since October 2016. CUSD announced that she would not be returning until April 2017 due to medical reasons. Any Trustee who cannot fulfill their duties for any reason should step down as Trustee. Because CUSD is governed by Trustee Areas, the students and taxpayers in Trustee Area 7 currently have no representation on this Board and if these proposed policy changes are made taxpayers within Area 7 will be disenfranchised.

Schools represented are:

  • Arroyo Vista K-8 School
  • Bathgate Elementary School
  • Castille Elementary School
  • Philip Reilly Elementary School
  • Tijeras Creek Elementary School
  • Wagon Wheel Elementary School
  • Newhart Middle School
  • Tesoro High School

Tesoro High School is facing huge impactions issues as the result of the Ranch development. Mello Roos taxpayers in Ladera Ranch are being denied seats that they are legally entitled to in order to accommodate Ranch students.