March 8, 2017 Board MeetingAgenda Item #21:

Board Audio: 


Professional Development

$5,493.69 ($5,043.69 is from the General Fund. General fund money should NEVER be used for Professional Development. CUSD received a Teacher Effectiveness Grant from the state for that purpose.

AW Industries 

This contract for $626,450.00 needs to be moved to the March 8, 2017 Special Board Meeting. This is a contract for inspection services for Esencia K-8. This contract is odd- there does not appear to be a corporation by the name of AW Industries. Adam Watson is an individual DSA inspector that is listed on the Knowland Construction web site. There is an AW Industries Group Inc.

Discovery Education

This is a professional development contract for Discovery Education for the 7 CAPOForward schools that are being "Re- Imagined" This is being paid for out of the General Fund. This is an inappropriate use of General fund money.

Orange County Fire Authority

Why is CUSD paying OC Fire $10,000? 

Sunbelt Staffing

$100,000.00 on Occupational Therapists.

Schnider Electric 

Schnider Electric is performing energy audits at High School sites. On February 22, 2017 BOT meeting PO $2,490,333.00 paid for with an Energy Grant. Warrant #234274 $1,176,427.38