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At the last meeting Trustee Reardon was absent. The Board voted 6-0-1 to waive bylaw 9311 and to place Board Policy 6171 on the Consent Calendar at the March 8, 2017 meeting for Ratification.

District Staff is recommending that CUSD eliminate transportation funding for some; but not all Title I School of Choice students.

Board Audio at 59:42

Trustee Reardon

Title I Schools:

2-Way Immersion Title I Schools:

What is the big picture here?

34 kids from K-5 school to K-8

at 63:21 Trustee McNicholas - wait it is suppose to be public comments first - so hold that thought.

at 63:30 

BLUE CARD - Dawn Urbanek

At the last meeting Trustee Reardon was absent. The Board voted 6-0-1 to waive bylaw 9311 and to place Board Policy 6171 on the Consent Calendar at the March 8, 2017 meeting for Ratification.

District staff wants to eliminate bus transportation for some, but not all Title I students. This will effectively force many Title I families to remain at low performing, under enrolled schools identified as schools in program improvement). This is being done to save money ($300,000), and to increase enrollment at under enrolled schools.

There are 7 schools that CUSD is currently spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to "re-brand". With this policy change, Title I students who do not have transportation will effectively be forced to remain at their home schools forcing increased enrollment at under enrolled schools.

District Staff must know that many of these families do not have transportation and therefore will have no choice. 

If approved by the Board, CUSD's new policy will create inequities in educational opportunity within the District by providing busing for some Title I students and not others.  

This is a Civil rights violation. But under ESSA no one will enforce it and CUSD is taking advantage of that to save money.

65:04 Dr. Susan Holiday- Paid transportation was a requirement under No Child Left Behind. Under ESSA it is optional- the District can choose to fund busing or use that money or another Title I purpose. Where do we want to maintain transportation? There is a cost. This would be for new students only.

at 66:13 Trustee Vital- Title I funds not used for busing can be used for there things like reading specialists, intervention etc. This becomes a policy choice because we are deciding how best to use that Title I money. That savings would be earmarked for the classroom.

at 67:04 Trustee Reardon- the 34 kids could remain at their K-8 and remain at Hankey K-8 instead of being forced to return to Marco Forester?

at 67:25 Staci Yogi - They could remain at Hankey, they just would not receive reimbursement for transportation in grades 6 and 8.

at 67:36 Trustee Reardon - Well that may mean they can't get to Hankey.

at 67:38 Superintendent Vital - Staff will work with those 34 kids to see that families are kept together.

at 68:11 Trustee Reardon - I am sensitized to this because we have Title I schools that will have paid transportation and now we have others that will not have for 6-8th grade.

at 68:30 Superintendent Vital - we can make sure these 34 kids are taken care of through 8th grade.

at 68:55 Trustee Reardon - odd situation with the 2-way immersion. Are we eliminating transportation for those families that move into the area but do not want a 2-way program?

at 69:14 Susan Holiday - CUSD will continue to pay for transportation in 2-way Title I schools.

at 69:40 Trustee Reardon - so we will continue to pay for transportation for 2-way Title I schools, but not in the other Title 1 schools? 

at 70:36 Superintendent Vital - a parent who moves into a non- 2-way Title I school area will have to provide their own transportation if they want to go to a non-title I school. There is no more "Program Improvement" under ESSA so we no longer have to provide transportation. The Board can choose to continue this, but does not have to.

at 71:12 Trustee Reardon - again I am concerned about siblings of the current students in Title I schools- keeping families together.

at 72:00 Susan Holiday - Staff can work with these families.

at 72:05 Trustee Hanacek - There are not a lot of opt out PI students so we can accommodate them. We are continuing the 2-way so now we just have to address siblings.

at 73:21 Staci Yogi - We can allow sibling to continue to ride the bus as long as that bus route is going. Once it is phased out they must provide their own transportation.

at 75:23 Superintendent Vital - steps in. If a majority of the Board is interested we can eliminate the paid transportation but work with families that are currently receiving paid transportation.

at 76:18 Trustee Reardon - I just saw this policy for the first time this morning. We are talking about a continuation of the mileage. 

at 77:03 Trustee Holloway - how would this effect that $300,000?

at 77:04 it would continue to pay mileage.

at 77:05 Trustee Hanacek - I believe in neighborhood schools and I am happy to see students returned to their neighborhood schools.

at 78:00 Trustee Pritchard - Hankey's High School is Capo Valley. Viejo is Capo Valley

at 78:13 Trustee McNicholas- I would like to see two things. That we have wording giving the Superintendent or designee authority to work out the exceptions, and on 2-way we really need to look at attendance boundaries for those neighborhoods. 

at 79:24 Dr Holiday - we are studying all of that data.

at 80:10 Superintendent Vital - it is a choice. 

THING 1 - siblings - administratively handle the 34 Hankey students 

THING 2 - cautious about exceptions.

at 81:41 Trustee Reardon - in case of 34 kids CUSD will administratively deal with siblings. For the other kids Non 2-way students we will work with them.

at 83:44 Trustee McNicholas- Jim we did get this on Friday.

Motion by Trustee Reardon, 2nd by Trustee Holloway

The Board Voted 5-0-2 to approve this item