July 26, 2017 CUSD Board of Trustees Meeting

Board and Superintendent Comments

Superintendent Vital:

Board Audio at 14:55

Welcome new Principals.

Opening up a recruitment for a Principal at Tesoro HighSchool and Don Juan Avila Elementary School.

Tesoro Principal Bill Motnic is being moved to the District (So not fired? A Promotion?)

Principals and District Leadership have met in our Early Summer Managers Retreat (3 days 280 people) paid for by the Educator Effectiveness Grant. 

City of San Clemente:

Board Audio at 17:02

San Clemente High School is opening a new classroom that that will make a unified campus for all students on the lower campus. The upper campus will be used as fields and other activities. There are plans to remove and demolish some of the oldest buildings on the campus. Survey markers are on the upper campus for the demolition plan not for any Toll Road. 

City of Mission Viejo and Aliso Viejo:

Board Audio at 18:15 CUSD terminated the CFD which had no expiration data. There is money left in this account and CUSD will be working with Cities to determine the best use for this money. 

Trustee Amy Hanacek

Board Audio at 18:57

Thankful for CUMA Retreat.

Responding to Blogs and mis-information is taking up much of CUSD's time.

Trustee Martha McNicholas

Board Audio at 21:44


Trustee McKicholas has an upcoming post op appointment - 29 year survivor of melanoma.

Recognized Senator John McCain's battle with cancer.

Acknowledged Trustee Pritchard's absence from the meeting because his wife is fighting acute leukemia.

Asked for the support the american Cancer Society and Relay for Life.