July 26, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting agenda Item #19 MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT WITH CDL ENTERPRISES

BLUE CARD - Dawn Urbanek

DynaFile is a Scan to Cloud document management software. CUSD wants to scan all personel files and store them in the cloud. To accomplish this CUSD is hiring CDL Enterprises who is going to sub-contract this work to a firm referred to as GRM who will have a team of 15 people scan and store the files with DynaFile.

The contract is for $65,000.

These are confidential files that contain personally identifiable information.

This contract does not contain the name or contact information for CDL Enterprises or GRM?

CUSD should ensure that CDL Enterprises is a legitimate business before they turn such information over to an individual named Chris de Lapp doing business as CDL Enterprises which is not listed as a business with the County of Orange or the State.

Why does CUSD need a middle man? Can't it contract directly with GRM?

Orange County has one business by the name of CDL Enterprises listed. It is a company that makes T-Bags (motorcycle luggage)


The State of California has a listing for CDL Enterprises LTD that has been dissolved- motorcycle luggage.

The State of California has a listing for CDL Enterprises LLC that has been cancelled


There doe not appear to be a legitimate business entity by the name of CDL Enterprises in California.

Why is the District paying a middleman for this service?

GRM - is that GRM Document Management Solutions based in Los Angeles? There is no name or address or contact information in this agreement from GRM?

 DynaFile is a scan to cloud document management system. 

"Cloud document management enables companies to store and retrieve files on the web without having to install any software programs. In the past, IT departments spent most of their time developing and managing a network data center and infrastructure to store and process electronic files. Today, SaaS providers deliver more functionality in a simpler and less expensive package that doesn't require the rigorous space, labor and cost of an in-house operation."