There is one way in, and one way out of Tesoro High School. 

It is a DRIVEWAY named Tesoro Creek Road.

The only way to access what is legally defined as a DRIVEWAY into Tesoro is from Oso Parkway.

Tesoro has extremely limited busing and a student population of just under 2,600 High School students who drive themselves to school.

When Oso Parkway is under construction there will be reduction in lanes, and sometimes full closures. How will these students get to school on time?

More importantly, in the case of an emergency like a fire... or an earthquake... How will they get out?

It is unconscionable that the desire to complete the Toll Road at all costs includes the gross disregard for the health, well being and safety of the staff and students at Tesoro High School.

It only takes a shift in the wind to create a disaster for these children.

What about an earthquake? The TCA is draining all the water from the Oso Bridge Project and the Oso Bridge Gap Closure Project under Tesoro High School. That soil is known to liquify with vibration. The result- unstable soil- the building could sink.

The Kitchel Report stated that Tesoro High School was showing signs of structural cracking that may be the result of soil issues

Not one entity has stepped forward to protect students at Tesoro.

Lisa Bartlett - your sign is misleading. You are building the Tesoro Extension of the 241 Toll Road. 

You forgot to re-open CEQA prior to beginning work on the Oso Bridge Gap Closure Project.

Stop work.

Protect the students and staff at Tesoro High School.

Letter to California State Water Resources Board - Office of Enforcement