December 6, 2017 CUSD BOT Meeting: ORAL COMMUNICATIONS

Board Audio at 1:17:23 Michelle Palso-Campbell (PTA) 

Share what PTA is doing over the Holiday Season.

Board Audio at 1:19:19 Chandra Metocoviche (Parent/Attorney)

Support Teachers - What is a Teacher's value

Board Audio at 1:22:34 Sally White (CUEA/Teachers Union President)

Support Teachers - Represent 2,100 members in Collective Bargaining. 

Board Audio at 1:25:49 Rob Olefant (Spanish Teacher/Two -Way Immersion Coordinator)

Wendy Washington is irreplaceable. We must replace her before she retires. 

Board Audio at 1:29:01 Stephen Yancy (Teacher)

Support Teachers - Ask graduates what they remember when they were in school... teachers, not infrastructure.

Board Audio at 1:32:30 Kimberly Yancy (Teacher Capo Valley High School - daughter of Stephan Yancy)

Support Younger Generation of Teachers - Struggling to make ends meet - I am 30, living at home. I am being forced to look for work outside CUSD.  

Board Audio at 1:35:44 Kelly Magoya (Parent of 3 children - 2 at Tesoro - 1 at Los Flores)

Support Teachers. Teachers are not paid enough. 


Board Audio at 1:40:02 Kristen Florez (Parent of 4 kids 1st and 3rd Grade Laguna Niguel Elementary)

Support Teachers - Worried about 30% of Teachers retiring - what is CUSDs plan to recruit the best new teachers. 

Board Audio at 1:43:30 Michelle Elkin (Veteran Teacher -28 years Aroyo Vista)

Support Teachers - CUSD teachers have been battered for years.

Board Audio at 1:43:30 Rebecca Brooks

Support Teachers - (Parent PTA and Volunteer) Fair Compensation for a top teachers.

Board Audio at 1:43:30 Max Gaitrone (Student)

Wants funding for Ceramic Classes. Exposure to the arts is important.