Don't Let the TCA Fool You!

Only One Route Is Being Planned From Oso Parkway to Pico

Source: Final Program Environmental Impact Report 


EIR at page 428

The only contact for CUSD is an enrollment clerk? The Capistrano Unified School District would want to work closely with Rancho Mission Viejo and the County of Orange to make sure that development did not adversely affect the health and safety of staff and students and to make sure there was sufficient capacity at local schools for new development. Using a 2004 EIR does not make sense. It is also very clear that this EIR demonstrates that the TCA/County of Orange are only studying a single route for the Tesoro Extension of SR-241 from Oso Parkway to Pico.

EIR at page 1607

The Capistrano Unified School District should have had some comments on this project. 

The following Maps show that there is only one route being studied for the Tesoro Extension of SR-241 from Oso Parkway to Pico. This EIR was done in November 2016, after TCA was denied wastewater discharge permits to construct this project. 

EIR at page 671

EIR page 687

EIR at page 699

EIR at 700

EIR at 701

EIR at 702

EIR at 704

EIR at 759 



EIR at 267


The data they are using in this EIR is from 2013-14. It is from 2004 FEIR 589 June 10, 2004

Here are the latest numbers from the State of California 2017-18

School Name Stated Capacity 2017-18 Enrollment Available Capacity
Elementary School
Las Flores 708 633 75
Wagon Wheel 970 426 544
Harrold Ambuehl 667 377 290
Oso Grande 1092 1137 (45)
Where is Escenia K-8 and Ladera Ranch Elementary School?
Middle Schools
Las Flores 1247 935 312
Ladera Ranch 1457 1533 (76)
Marco Forester 1547 1383 164
High Schools
San Juan Hills 2563 2556 7
Tesoro  2428 1583 845


Elementary Schools



Middle Schools


High Schools