Board Agenda: Page 1

Board Audio 11:59 Presentation by Gordon Amerson, Associate Superintendent, Human Resource Services

Trustees Approved the Contract 7-0

Total Cost: $13 million dollars 

BLUE CARD - Dawn Urbanek

What happened to Impasse?  No word on that but all of a sudden we have an agreement that gives CUEA everything they wanted and more?

Five consecutive years of across the board compensation increases totaling over $150 million dollars while our students have the highest class sizes in the nation and our facilities need $200 million in emergency repairs and maintenance.

The Road to Recovery has been very good to Employees but nothing has been recovered for students. 

California Public Education has fallen to 46th in the nation.



Board Audio 14:09 Trustee Amy Hanacek

We all know that all you need is a teacher. I sit up here because of teachers.Both my sons are successful because a Teacher changed there direction in life. There is a saying that a teacher effects eternity, and they do. 

Trustee Hanacek (who was elected with Union money) forgets that the role of a Trustee is to represent the interest of taxpayers and students in all matters before the Board. The teachers are represented by their Union. It is Trustee Hanaceks lack of understanding of her job that ALWAYS gives employees everything and that in fact does actual harm to students. Students, who the State mandates attend these schools are entitled to reasonable class sizes, safe, well maintained facilities, minimum curriculum. This District has an obligation to do more than compensate employees. They must provide a MINIMUM education to every child.

Board Audio 16:00 Trustee Gary Pritchard

I second everything that Trustee Hanacek said and with that will move to approve the Tentantive Agreement with Teachers.

Board Audio 16:00 Trustee Amy Hanacek

Seconds the Motion

Board Audio 16:24 Trustee Reardon

Delighted to see that we have a multi-year agreements

Motion to Approve the Agreement Passes 7-0

This Contract is a multi-year agreement but it is retroactive so- that does not offer the "stability" that the District is marketing to the People. This agreement is July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2019. So negotiations for 2019-20 will have to begin immediately to be completed by June 30 ,2019.

From a District Source after the meeting:

I understand your concern for the kids.  But changing things doesn't happen overnight.

It's a good contract, CUSD held-out for three things:

  1. A multi-year deal,
  2. Early retirement of the oldest teachers at no cost to CUSD (however, it should also result in a savings), and
  3. A commitment to reform the heath benefit program into something modern and less expensive within a year.

CUSD also got a two year transition to offering full-day Kindergarten, instead of the present half-day setup. This will be wildly popular with parents.

Over 90% of CUSD's Budget goes to employee compensation. Because Governor Brown passed the increase in cost of CalPERS and CalSTRS contributions down to school Districts, without a successful early retirement over 100% of CUSD's budget will be employee compensation. The only way CUSD can bringdown employee costs is to retire 200 teachers making an average compensation of $113,000 per year and replacing them with entry level teachers making $50,000 + benefits- about $65,000 to $70,000 per year. Then the cycle will begin again. CUSD does an early retirement every five years.  

Re: Full-day Kindergarten 

CUSD believes that offering a full-day kindergarten will increase enrollment and therefore per pupil funding. Again, a decision based on money and not what is in the educational interest of the students already enrolled in the school.