How much does it cost to replace the HVAC System at Palisades Elementary School?

Kitchell Report at page 11 states $188,400.00

Board Agenda at page 229 Fee Proposal for Palisades Elementary School HVAC Replacement states $326,157.00

Board Agenda at page 230 "Palisades Elementary School HVAC Replacement Estimates state the total project cost is $3,576,856.00

CUSD prepared the Kitchell Report in order to provide documentation of its school facilities needs in preparation for their second attempt at a school facilities bond. 

What is the actual price CUSD is paying to replace Palisade Elementary Schools HVAC system?

Is it $188,400?


or $3,576,856?

Kitchell Report at page 11 states $188,400.00

Board Agenda at page 229 states $326,157.00

Board Agenda at page 230 states $3,576,856.00





Professional Services Master Agreement WCL Architects

July 25, 2018 CUSD BOT Meeting Agenda page page 227

Board Agenda at page 231

Attached to the Agenda Item is a Survey Report for the Mechanical Systems at Palisades Dated December 3, 2015 Which gave a total cost estimate of $1,880,500 for all the mechanical systems:


Facilities Condition Report Palisades Elementry School

Facilities Condition and Assessment  Palisades Elementary School Final Report November 2017




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