January 29, 2019

County Counsel, Leon J. Page (via e-mail)
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Re: January 29,2019 Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda Item #27 Authorize Director or designee to submit Los Patrones Parkway Extension Conceptual Alignment to California Department of Transportation and the Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency for consideration in the ongoing South County Traffic Relief Effort Study; and make California Environmental Quality Act and other findings - District 5 (Continued from 12/4/18, Item 10)

Mr. Page-

I want to request that this Item be removed from todays Agenda because this item should never have been placed on the Agenda as a "Receive and file".

I also wanted to bring to your attention the following Complaint that is being filed with the California Department of Real Estate. The basis of the Complaint is that Certificate of Compliance CC 2001-01 (the Right-of-Way for the Tesoro extension of the 241 Toll Road) is invalid. The complaint alleges that there has been a violation of the Subdivision Map Act. 

The Details of the Complaint can be found at this link: January 29, 2019 Letter to the Department of Real Estate.

Thank you,

Dawn Urbanek, Taxpayer and Students Advocate Capistrano Unified School District