Board Agenda at page 1:

BLUE CARD Dawn Urbanek. 

Any Donation over $1,000 should be itemized. CUSD is hiding payments for teachers salaries, aids and librarians as "non-instructional materials"

Every student is entitled to DISTRICT FUNDED Art, Music and Science programs that align with minimum state mandated Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks, and is taught by a properly credentialed teacher.

I have stood before this Board many times and explained that it is illegal for CUSD to rely on fundraising and donations (one-time money) to pay for staff salaries, core educational programs like art, music, science (on-going expenses). Core educational programs must be funded by the District because they have a Constitutional obligation to provide EVERY student with an equal opportunity to achieve a quality education. Relying on fundraising and donations to pay for staff salaries and core educational programs creates wealth based inequities in the quality of education that students receive within the district, and is a violation of Assembly Bill 1575.