Board Meeting Agenda at page 780:

LCFF limits ADA to 2007-08 levels + inflation not to be reached until 2021. 

CUSD will never receive more than <$8,300 per pupil. 

Revenues vs Costs

Costs Continue to rise

  • Step and Column
  • Health and Welfare
  • CalPERS/CalSTRS 

Declining Enrollment = lost revenue

Ongoing revenues are projected to increase by 1.48% for 2017-18

Expenses are expected to increase by 4%

Revenues will not be able to cover costs. Districts will have difficulty sustaining commitments made in prior years in the face of lower state revenue projections.

2016-17 $385,024,046

2017-18 $390,064,084

2018-19 $389,765,135

2019-20 $395,492,861

2020-21 $411,888,875

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BLUE CARD Dawn Urbanek

CUSD must find new revenue or cut employee salaries pensions and benefits. There is nothing left to unilaterally take from students to maintain maximum compensation for employees. CUSD has the highest class sizes in the State and the Nation, our students attend class in facilities that have not been fixed or maintained for 15 years. Students who attend schools where parents cannot afford to fundraise go without art, music, science, or a PE curriculum that aligns with State Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks that is taught by a properly credentialed teacher. 

CUSD must ask the state for more funding. The LCFF is unconstitutional. By setting the base funding grant intentionally low, the state is intentionally depriving every student who lives in a district with a low percentage of students who are ELL, receiving Free and Reduced lunch and/or are in foster care of their fundamental right to equality of educational opportunity simply because of where they happen to live, and irrespective of their individual wealth, race or ethnicity. That is invidious discrimination and violates the 14th Amendment to the US constitution. The State owes CUSD $1.56 billion dollars. We should ask for it.