July 25, 2018 CUSD BOT Meeting Agenda Item #1 Donations of Funds and Equipment

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This Item was passed on Consent without Discussion

Donations average $3.5 to $4 million per year

Donations this month $312,543.53

Class Room Supplies
Las Palmas ES  $81,500.00
*This has always been used for class size reduction


Security - Fencing/Camera's
Moulton ES  $  9,250.00
*In light of recent school shootings, isn't it CUSD's responsibility to make sure every school has a security fence and security cameras?


Employee Compensation
Librarian/Health Teach
Bathgate ES $16,000.00
Instructional Aid
Canyon Vista ES $28,897.22
Music Teacher
Chapparal ES $24,000.00
Substitute Teacher
Ladera Ranch MS $1,187.50
Co-Curricular Teachers Stipends
Oak Grove ES $ 1,755.00
Shorecliffs MS $  6,000.00
*CUSD has given 5- consecutive years of across the board compensation increases totaling over $150 million dollars while failing to provide students with even a minimum education program mandated by the State. Relying on fundraising and donations to pay for CORE educational programs creates wealth based inequities across the district that are unconstitutional.


Science Camp
Don Juan Avila ES  $ 1,872.00


Music Program
Oak Grove ES $ 1,520.16


Art Program
Meet the Masters
Palisades ES $ 1,000.00


Field Trip Transportation
Ambuehl ES $  6,322.50
Bathgate ES $14,786.58 
Don Juan Avila ES $  4,072.00 
George White ES $  7,151.00
John S Malcom ES  $16,123.00 
San Juan ES  $  1,895.00 
Truman Benedict ES $  6,948.18
Wagon Wheel ES $  1,081.73


CUSDWatch Comment

See: Fundraising for Core Educational Programs

CUSD has a statutory and constitutional obligation to fund all Core Educational programs as identified in Education Code Section 51210 and 51220. 

Grade K-6

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Science
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Health
  • Physical Education

Grade 7-12

  • English
  • Social Sciences
  • Foreign Language
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Applied ARts
  • CTE
  • Driver Education 

CUSD relies on fundraising and donations to pay for art - music and science- PE - class size reduction- teachers salaries and release time- instructional aids - technology. 


Using one-time money to pay for on-going core educational programs creates wealth based inequities within the district that violate the Civil rights of students. Students whose parents cannot fundraise for these programs go without. 

See: People for Student Rights: Fundraising for Visual and Performing Arts

When parents are forced to fundraise for core educational programs that the district is constitutionally and statutorily obligated to provide (year after year... after year), it becomes a tax upon the public. A new tax for a service that the State/District is already constitutionally obligated to provide. Such taxation is a "Double Tax" and is "taxation without representation".