Board Agenda at page 6

Board Audio 

Fund 01 - General Fund Fund   
Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin  #L68A0508  $26,500.00 
Scott Larson #L68A0521 $200.00
Professional Development/Conferences  
United World College  #L68P4857  $1,269.00
ASPI San Gabriel  #L68P4859   $785.00 
Why Try LLC #L68P4864  $599.00 

Charitable Ventures of OC 

Charitable Ventures of Orange County (CVOC) was launched by The Olin Group as a part of its mission to encourage the growth of innovative regional nonprofits. As a for-profit consulting firm dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations in Southern California, The Olin Group incorporated CVOC as a separate 501(c)3 nonprofit entity dedicated to providing fiscal sponsorship services. CVOC began in 2007 with seed funding from the Orange County Community Foundation and a commitment from The Olin Group to subsidize operations with staffing and infrastructure. CVOC provides community projects with fiscal sponsorship support, and continues to evolve inside a growing movement of fiscal sponsors dedicated to best practice and building communities through this model. 



Californians Dedicated to Education

CUSDWatch Comment

Why does the California department of Education need a Foundation?

Could it be to change curriculum and embed controversial topics into curriculum?

Why is General Fund money being spent on a foundation?


CDE Programs:

  • Common Core
  • California Health Youth Act
  • The California Labor Management Initiative (The "Union of all Unions)
  • The Alliance for Continuous Improvement
  • The Alliance for Next Generation Science Standards
  • Family Engagement & the LCAP
  • California STEAM Symposium
  • Collaboration in Common



South Orange County Economic Coalition

The South Orange County Economic Coalition is the premier advocacy and business development organization in the region. Member businesses include key stakeholder companies (corporations and sole proprietorships) committed to building a strong local business climate both regionally and within our constituent local communities.

Until recently, there has not been an organization whose primary mission is to advocate and represent the local and South County Regional businesses. Our focus IS REGIONAL…We are committed to consistently build and support a strong local economy, promote job creation and retention by facilitating regional awareness and cooperation.

The South Orange County Economic Coalition has served the region’s businesses since 1969.
Our leadership consists of a 20 member Corporate Board of Directors who are influential community and business leaders within the region.

CUSDWatch Comment

Superintendent Vital sits on this Board.

CUSD funds bought her seat.

Developers want access to district properties for Public/Private partnerships to develop high density housing.

Why is CUSD General Fund money going to this organization? SOCEC has political PACS and is using district funds for Political Advocacy.







The Toll Roads



City of San Juan Capistrano 



The College Blueprint



Dues and Memberships 

Solution Tree  #L68P4903 $75.42 

American Registry for Internet

ARIN, a nonprofit member-based organization, supports the operation of the Internet through the management of Internet number resources throughout its service region; coordinates the development of policies by the community for the management of Internet Protocol number resources; and advances the Internet through informational outreach.





Quantum Education Dynamics



Gift Funds

Converge One Inc.



AP Exams  #L68P4918  $159,581.00
OCDE/AP in the OC #M68P0084 $725.00 
OCDE/AP in the OC  #M68P0292 $725.00 
OCDE/AP in the OC #M68P0319  $725.00 

CUSD Purchase Order with Cannon U.S.A. Inc. ...

Board Approval $1 million dollar Contract - Staff Has POs for $3 million.

Cannon U.S.A, Inc

Master Agreement No. 3091, California Participating Addendum No. 7-15-70- 23, Copiers, Printers, Related Devices and Associated Services

Approved 4/25/2018 Agenda Item #7 page 436 

CUSDWatch Comment

CUSD is switching vendors - from Xerox to Cannon

Board Agenda page 436

"The District has about 1,200 desktop printers, over 200 MFDs, and 5 production devices, with an estimated annual expenditure of $2.2 million." 

Board Agenda page 437

"Immediate purchases under this contract are contemplated to procure desktop printers, MFDs, and associated services (installation, configuration, delivery, setup, and training) Districtwide." 

Fiscal Implications:

"The expenditures under the current vendor contract for just the printer and MFD components are over $1.6 million. The proposed vendor’s contract is approximately $1.06 million, an annual savings of over $600,000."

Actual PO Expenditures: $3,179,777.97

What did CUSD actually purchase and/or lease? The links to documentation are not secure, and what can be seen is not clear.


Cannon Financial Services Inc.

PO #M68P0561 

PO #M68R0001 

PO #M68R0002 

PO #M68R0004

PO #M68R0005 

PO #M68R0007








Cannon Solutions America Inc.

PO #M68P0562

PO #M68R0003 

PO #M68R0006

PO #M68R0008 













Fund 13 - Cafeteria Fund  $35,000
AW Industries PO #L68R0207 $30,000 


Fund 14 - Deferred Maintenance Fund  $1,832,085.85
AW Industries PO #L68A0485  $30,000


Fund 25 - Capital Facilities Fund  $588,492.13
AW Industries PO #L68R2015 $30,000
Orange County Register DBA The (?) PO #L68P0012 $3,000


Fund 40 - Special Reserve Fund  $3,295.63


Fund 68 - Workers Comp  $364,000.00
Staples Business Advantage PO #M68P0529 $10,000.00


Fund 69 - Health  $4,375,000.00


Fund 70 - Property Liability $1,834.50


Fund 86 - Property Liability $386,923.50
Bergman Dacey Goldsmith (Legal) PO#L68C0056 $21,257.59
AW Industries PO #L68R0216 $310,000.00


Fund 98 - CFD 98-2 $350,125.00
AW Industries PO #L68R0214 $40,000.00