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Extended-Day Kindergarten

Source: CDE

Extended-day kindergarten (EDK) is defined as a class, taught by the same certificated staff member, that exceeds the four-hour maximum number of school day minutes. In some districts, EDK is the same length of day as that for older elementary students. While local educational agencies (LEAs) do not receive additional apportionment funds to lengthen the kindergarten day, there is a growing interest in this topic. In 2009, about two thirds of United States kindergarten children attended full-day classes; in California, the percentage of students in full-day classes increased by 43%. For further information, visit The Public Policy Institute of California Web site on Full-Day Kindergarten in California External link opens in new window or tab. (PDF). Educators may wish to extend the kindergarten day for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • To improve the educational program
  • To provide more time for the teacher to get to know each child
  • To encourage children's maximum social, emotional, physical, and academic growth
  • To address transportation issues related to district bus schedules
  • To address parental/guardian needs for child care

EC sections 46110-46119 detail the minimum and maximum lengths of the school day for kindergarten and other elementary grade classrooms. The maximum number of minutes for kindergarten is four hours, (EC Section 46111), excluding recess. However, recess time may be counted as instructional minutes, at the district's discretion, if teacher supervision occurs.

EC Section 8973 allows schools to offer EDK if both of the following conditions are met:

  • The kindergarten program does not exceed the length of the primary school day, and,
  • The extended-day kindergarten program takes into account ample opportunity for both active and quiet activities with an integrated, experiential, and developmentally appropriate educational program.

To establish EDK, districts should adopt a formal policy in keeping with an Early Primary Program (EC sections 8970-8974). They may also consider the implications of curriculum and instruction changes, class size reduction, facilities, parental/guardian issues, potential bargaining unit agreements, and fiscal considerations. Districts may also carefully evaluate lengthened programs to determine if children are benefiting in all domains (academic, social, emotional, and physical).


CUSDWatch Public Records Request 

I.  According to CUSD's Website, in 2018 CUSD offered extended day kindergarten at 9 elementary schools:

Clarence Lobo
Del Obispo
Harold Ambuehl
Hidden Hills
R.H. Dana
Wagon Wheel
Wood Canyon 

The Website also states that:"In the Fall of 2019, every elementary school in the District will offer Extended Day Kindergarten.”According to the CDE Website“Local educational agencies do not receive additional apportionment funds to lengthen the kindergarten day.”

PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST #1: How much did CUSD spend to extend the Kindergarten school day at the nine schools listed above.
PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST #2: Where did this funding come from? 

II.  According to CUSD's Website:
 "In the Fall of 2019, every elementary school in the District will offer Extended Day Kindergarten.”
PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST #3: How much will it cost for CUSD to extend the Kindergarten school day at all 53 elementary school sites?

PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST #4: Where will this funding come from?


III. On February 13, 2018 CUSD approved a 3- year retroactive Tentative Agreement with the Capistrano Unified Education Association (CUEA) for the period July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2019  Article 23 of that agreement entitled: ARTICLE 23- Extended Day Kindergarten ("EDK")Extended day kindergarten may be offered at up to 11 of the following elementary school sites: 

Carl Hankey
Clarence Lobo
Del Obispo
Harold Ambuhel
Hidden Hills
RH Dana
Tiejeras Creek
Wagon Wheel
Wood Canyon

So from CUSD's Website:

2017-18 CUSD funded extended day kindergarten at 9 schools

2018-19 CUSD will fund extended day kindergarten at 11 schools

2019-20 CUSD will fund extended day kindergarten at all elementary schools.


When did the Public receive notice that new contract negotiations had begun?

According to CUEA Website the current contract is for the period 2015- 17 and it does not contain Article 23

According to CUEA Website a new contract for the period 2017-19 will be coming soon.

PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST #5: Please provide me with a copy of Article 23 as executed and also include any negotiated amendments.
PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST #6: How did the 3- year retroactive tentative agreement that was approved on February 13, 2018 turn into two, two-year agreements?
PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST #7: When did the Board of Trustees approve extended day kindergarten for all elementary schools?

PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST #8: If the Board has not approved this why is it being promoted on the Districts web site for the fall of 2019?