Relying on Fundraising and Donations to pay for core educational programs in CUSD creates wealth based inequities that violate the civil rights of those students who attend schools that cannot afford to fundraise.

Illegal Donations include fundraising for:

  • Class Size Reduction
  • Instructional Aids
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Release time for teachers
  • Leadership Conference for Staff
  • Science programs
  • Math Programs
  • PE Programs
  • Art Programs
  • Reading/Writing Programs
  • Computers

90% of CUSD's Budget goes to employee Salaries Pensions and Benefits. Employees have received 5 consecutive years of across the board compensation increases totaling over $150 million. They have been allowed to do that thanks to the generous donations of parents and taxpayers.

 Instructional Aide Salaries  
   Canyon Vista Elementary School PTA  $14,142.85
   John S Malcome Elementary School PTA $12,000.00
   CARE Foundation Education Foundation  
Teachers Salaries   
   Marblehead Elementary School PTA $6,264.00 
  Vista Del Mar Education Foundation $1,500.00
Science Programs
  Concordia Elementary School Education Foundation $999.00
  Don Juan Avilia   $3,665.00
  Don Juan Avilia   $1,440.00
  Marblehead Elementary Education Foundation $1,330.00
  Oak Grove Elementary School Education Foundation $1,143.00
  Ladera Ranch Education Foundation $12,462.45
  Phillip J. Reilly Elementary PTA $500.00
  Phillip J. Reilly Elementary PTA $22,568.40
  Phillip J. Reilly Elementary PTA $960.00
  Tiejaras Creek Elementary School Booster Club $12,615.00
Music Program
  What School Does this benefit? Segerstorm Center for the Arts $26,031.24
Reading Intervention Program
  Wagon Wheel Elementary School PTA $7,000.00
Labor to Install Water- Filling Stations
  Niguel Hill Middle School PTSA $824.80
Chromebooks & Carts
  Ladera Ranch Elementary Schoo​ PTA $10,386.64
  Niguel Hills Middles School Booster Club $5,785.24
  Oakgrove Elementary Education Foundation $10,000.00
  Vista Del Mar Elementary School Education Foundation $7,480.83