Board Meeting Agenda page 512

Board Audio at 4:22:05

Trustee Reardon Left the Meeting

Board Audio at 4:22:26 Trustee Patricia Holloway

Motion to extend the meeting to 11:45pm

Second by Judy Bullockus

Passes 5-0-2 (Trustee Reardon and Pritchard absent)

Board Audio at 4:22:49 Presentation by Phillipa Townsend, Assistant Superintendent of Business and Support Services

Board Audio at 4:24:31 One time moneys are expected to be $13 million - $295 per student.

Board Audio at 4:24:59 CUSD is Projecting to be below 2% by 2020-21 

We hope to avoid lay offs through attrition

Board Audio at 4:25:35 AB2808 has been introduced to increase the base funding Grant

The State of California has been intentionally underfunding ONLY those school districts with a low percentage of students who are English Language Learners, Receiving Free and Reduced Lunch and/or are in Foster Care. 

See: Slide Share: Invidious Discrimination

(d) The Superintendent shall compute a grade span adjusted base grant equal to the total of the following amounts:
(1) For the 2013–14 2018–19 fiscal year, a base grant of:
(A) Six thousand eight hundred forty-five dollars ($6,845) Eleven thousand seven hundred ninety-nine dollars ($11,799) for average daily attendance in kindergarten and grades 1 to 3, inclusive.
(B) Six thousand nine hundred forty-seven dollars ($6,947) Eleven thousand nine hundred seventy-five dollars ($11,975) for average daily attendance in grades 4 to 6, inclusive.
(C) Seven thousand one hundred fifty-four dollars ($7,154) Twelve thousand three hundred thirty-two dollars ($12,332) for average daily attendance in grades 7 and 8.
(D) Eight thousand two hundred eighty-nine dollars ($8,289) Fourteen thousand two hundred eighty-nine dollars ($14,289) for average daily attendance in grades 9 to 12, inclusive.
The State of California has withheld about $5,000.00 per pupil per year since 2007-08 from CUSD alone.
50,000 students X $5,000 per student = $250,000,000.00 per year X 8 Years = $2.5 Billion Dollars since 2007-08
Board Audio at 4:25:49 Trustee Martha McNicholas we need to stop for a moment - we do not have a Quorum (Two Trustee Jones can't go the Restroom at the same time)
Board Audio at 4:26:47 The District is filing a POSITIVE CERTIFICATION - it will be able to meet its fiscal obligations for the current and next two fiscal years. 
CUSD has actual reserves of $133 million. 
Board Audio at 4:26:55 CRITERIA and STANDARD page 522 of 741 (1-144 page report)
Board Audio at 4:27:35 Trustee Martha McNicholas I think we interrupted you when you started talking about AB2808
Response: Phillipa Townsend AB 2808 would increase funding for all students Base Grant, Supplemental Grant and Concentration grant. But primarily it is being introduced to help districts pay the increases contributions to CalPERS and CalSTRS rates. 
Trustee Martha McNicholas Do we know how much money it will be?
Response: Phillipa Townsend the amount is significant but we do not know where that would come from.
Board Audio at 4:28:35 Trustee Amy Hanacek moves the item.
Trustee Gila Jones seconds the motion.
The Item passes 5-0-2 (Trustee Jim Reardon and Trustee Gary Pritchard are absent)
California's Road to Recovery was paved at the expense of the future of children who happen to live in wealthy suburban school districts.
California owes CUSD $2.5 billion dollars. They have the money. Stop wasting our tax money on the Bullet Train- new programs and entitlements for people who are not legally in this country, and to sue the Federal Government to protect people who have entered this country illegally. Our kids Deserve Better!