Board Audio at 0:00:24 PUBLIC COMMENTS (17 Speakers)

Board Audio at 0:36:27 Nathan Banda

Nathan Banda is a member of the Juañeno tribe. His mother, Barbara Banda  started Capistrano Unified School District’s Native American Education Program in the 1970s. After his mother passed, he created Four Directions Education, a non-profit dedicated to being a positive influence in the Native American community in Orange County by sharing Native American culture through educational classes and programs and providing tutoring services and scholarships. Nathan presented a $1,500.00 check to CUSD for Native American studies.

Board Audio at 0:40:35 Stephanie Sorenson

Parent CUSD. Deep concerns over parental rights in the teaching of Comprehensive Sexual Health Education. Encouraged the District to involve Parents and the Public in making content decisions. "Teen Talk" failed to include discussions of Life Long Consequences to abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, about having multiple sex partners. There needs to be science based facts in the curriculum. The curriculum should be made available to parents on-line so it can easily be reviewed by parents. 

Board Audio at 0:43:13 Larry Kramer

Resident of San Juan Capistrano and member of Citizens Climate Lobby. Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. Mr. Kramer is the founder of the South Orange County Chapter. He invited CUSD students to get involved. 

Board Audio at 0:46:14 Lucy Law

Junior at San Juan Hills High School. Entertainment Editor of the school news paper. Author of the story: "Do I Look Slutty? which along with many other stories received major backlash from many parents. Parents misinterpreted our objective and based their objection on the headlines and not on the actual content. The topic of sex should not be considered filthy. She wanted to let parents know that if SJHHS has taught her anything it is to listen and to understand different view points on controversial topics. These articles were about real kids. Parents said their kids were not ready to hear this, but if you read the article about the couple who decided to abstain from sex you would know that they were mature enough to sit down and have that talk freshman year. Kids know what sex is. It should not be a filthy topic. These are stories about real kids and their real life's experiences. How do you think this students felt when they read Facebook posts calling their real life's experiences disgusting. Shaming kids and turning sex into a filthy subject does not make the subject go away. An id does not kids a healthy view on their bodies or on sex. One man on face book used the same derogatory, toxic language that I use in my article. That man is the reason that I wrote my article. It is this kind of degrading, belittling attitude that I was fighting against. The use of slang does not make this article less important. We live in a society where terms like this are used and people are judged by their sexes where the topic of sex itself is stigmatized. That is why they chose to write the center spread. Sex is a topic worth talking about. None of the articles encouraged kids to have sex or abstain. We did not force any moral opinions on anyone. Student feedback has been positive. While many parents were disgusted by these articles many others were impressed with our boldness. She is proud to go to a school where students are encouraged to speak their minds.

Board Audio at 0:49:59 Grace Aiken

16 year old sophomore at San Juan Hills High School and proud journalist for the Express newspaper. On Monday we published a center spread talking about students experiences 


Board Audio at 0:43:13 Alex Royal