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San Juan Hills High School Express News Article "Relationships & Sex in High School"

Is the school newspaper an appropriate venue for an expose on Relationships & Sex in High School that feature headlines like "Popping the Cherry of the Virginity Myth" and "Do I look Slutty?" and "Let's Talk about sex, baby...

Board Audio at 0:00:24 Sally White- President of the CUEA (Teachers Union) spoke on behalf of the Teacher/Advisor that oversaw the Stallion Newspaper.

She expressed her concern about an e-mail that was sent out regarding a Face Book post regarding San Juan Hills High School Newspaper article on Relationships & Sex in High School.

She learned about it from her daughter and a friend who said that there were hundreds of angry responses on the Ladera Ranch Face Book page regarding the article and that hundreds of angry parents with pitch forks were ready to storm the school.

She met with the member. She wanted this to be resolved as quickly as possible to avoid controversy.

An investigation was initiated and a decision was made a few hours later.

Her concern.

Both the students and this advisor have been thrown under the bus while their first Amendment Rights have been down played. I was told by Staff this afternoon that this teacher who was named by the District is out on Administrative leave and that this District has already decided that he violated Board Policy. This is a confidential personnel matter. I was called and asked not to make this a public matter. To late. We are not the ones that took this public. My concern is that we now have a teachers who understands that their district and their administrators will not have their back if there is any controversy at a time when parents find controversy in everything. This does not feel like the spirit of collaboration. We would have appreciated a call BEFORE this unfortunate e-mail was sent out.

Our Member would have appreciated the due process.

Board Policy 6145.3(a)