October 10, 2018 CUSD BOT Meeting Agenda Item #42 FIRST READING – BOARD POLICY/BYLAW – 9100, ORGANIZATION

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Where is the Board Report for this Item?


Bylaws of the Board BB 9100


Annual Organizational Meeting

The Board of Trustees shall meet annually on a day within a 15-day period beginning with the last Saturday in November for the purpose of reorganizing the Board hold an annual organizational meeting within the time limits prescribed by law. (Education Code 35143)

The Superintendent will open the meeting as presiding officer and oversee the election of the Board President. The gavel will then be turned over to the President who will preside over the remaining of the meeting.

At this meeting the Board shall:

Order of Business

This order of business following election of the Board President shall be:

1. Elect a President, a vice president, and a clerk from its membership.

2. Elect clerk Appoint the Superintendent as Secretary to the Board.

3. Set meeting time, place, and day Approve a schedule of regular meetings for the year.

4. Select representative to the nominating committee of the Orange County Committee on School District Organization.

5. Select Orange County School Boards Political Action Committee (PAGE) representatives.

6. Select Regional Occupational Program College and Career Advantage representatives.

7. Select representatives to serve on the District Instructional Materials Review Committee (IMRC).

8. Select representatives to serve on the Capistrano Unified School District Foundation.

10.8. Select representative to serve on the District Restructuring Council.

9. Select representatives to serve on Ad Hoc committees.

10. Select representatives to serve on California School Board Association.

11. Select representatives to serve on the Board Policy Sub-Committee.

12. Select representatives to serve on various boards and committees.

12. Such other business as may be determined by the Board of Trustees.

13. Adjournment.


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Bylaws of the Board                                                                        BB 9100(b)

Election of Officers

The Board shall each year elect its entire slate of officers.

The election of Board officers shall be conducted during an open session of the annual organizational meeting.

Legal Reference:

EDUCATION CODE 35143 Annual organizational meeting date, and notice

35145 Public meetings


54953 Meetings to be open and public; attendance

68 OPS. CAL. ATTY. GEN. 65 (1985)59 OPS. CAL. ATTY. GEN. 619, 621-622 (1976)


Bylaw                                                  CAPISTRANO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

revised: June 14, 1999                                        San Juan Capistrano, California

revised: August 28, 2013 October 10, 2018








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Bylaw                                                 CAPISTRANO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

revised: June 14, 1999                                        San Juan Capistrano, California

revised: August 28, 2013 

revised: October 10, 2018

CUSD cannot eliminate the reference to the 1999 Revision and the August 28, 2013 revision. Those must remain. What is CUSD trying to hide?