October 11, 2017 CUSD BOT Meeting Agenda Item #2 Donations of Funds and Equipment

Board Meeting Agenda

BROWN ACT VIOLATION: CUSD changed the September 13, 2017 Board meeting Agenda with a hand-out at the last meeting. To cure the Brown Act they are now asking Trustees to Approve the Item again as amended. 


Complaint - Brown Act Violation - September 13, 2017 CUSD BOT Meeting Agenda Item #2 Donations of Funds and Equipment

Letter from Orange County District Attorney- Fix the Brown Act Violation

Letter to Superintendent Vital to Correct the September 13, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda.


CUSD has failed to adequately correct the Brown Act Violation. They did not make a "REVISION" to the September 13, 2017 Agenda they added the revision to the October 11, 2017 which will overstate donations by $241,576.56. 

CUSD did not take in $617,420.08 in Donations for October 11, 2017

They took in $375,843.52 so this is yet ANOTHER BROWN ACT VIOLATION.

The Item should state "REVISED" and show the corrections.

OCTOBER 11, 2017 Questionable Donations:

Fundraising for Instructional Assistants:

  • Concordia: $25,976
  • Bergeson: $27,000
  • Bergeson MIP: $67,500
  • Tiejeras CreeK: $307

Fundraising for Art:

  • Los Palmas $5,306
  • Oso Grande $7,860
  • Tiejares Creek $1,000
  • Wagon Wheel $1,000
  • Wood Canyon $1,000

Fundraising for Music:

  • Castille $18,000
  • Lobo $12,000
  • Las Palmas $5,500
  • Vista del Mar $18,000

Fundraising for Science:

  • Vista del Mar $42,600

Fundraising for PE:

  • Concordia $7,166

Fundraising for CORE educational programs creates wealth based inequities in the quality of education students receive which violate the civil rights of students. EVERY student is entitled to equality of educational opportunity. EVERY student should receive District funded art, music and science that aligns with minimum state content standard and curriculum frameworks and is taught by an appropriately credentialed teacher.

CUSD is in violation of AB 1575