October 24, 2018 Potential Regional Bond Measure Update

Board Meeting Agenda page 1

Kitchell Facilities Condition Assessment

CUSDWatch Comment

CUSD has come up with arbitrary boundaries for these bonds. Why do they create a boundary that is all San Clemente schools plus Palisades? 

Under "Local Control" San Clemente would be much better off creating a bond measure that would fund San Clemente Schools. Why should San Clemente Taxpayers fund Palisades Elementary School? That should be included in the Western SFID.

In addition- CUSD has shown a callous disregard for the health, safety and quality of education they provide for students. Maybe they would consider letting the City of San Clemente take back its schools so that people that truly have a vested interest in the well being of San Clemente students could control how these facilities moneys are to be spent.

CUSD has given all employees 5 consecutive years of across the board compensation increases totaling over $150 million dollars. At the same time, they have chosen not to fix or maintain school facilities. 

Current Kitchell Facilities Reports show the following facilities needs for their proposed "Southern SFID". 

Elementary Schools

Concordia $5,441,000.00

Clarence Lobo $4,550,000.00

Las Palmas $5,831,200.00

Marblehead $7,558,200.00

Truman Benedict $4,878,100.00

Vista Del Mar (included Vista Del Mar Middle School)

Total $28,258,500

Middle Schools

Bernice Ayer $4,948,600.00

Shor Cliffs $5,953,000.00

Vista Del Mar $7,379,000.00 (includes Vista Del Mar Elementary School)

Total $13,830,600.00

High Schools

San Clemente $24,330,000.00

Total $24,330,000.00

Total $66,419,100.00

San Clemente should be its own Bond Area excluding Palisades Elementary School. Why should San Clemente tax payers fund repairs at Palisades? That is a non-starter for San Clemente residents.

Palisades Elementary School $12,774,000.00

Also note that the "Southern SFID" excludes Vista Del Mar. Due to CUSDs' abuse of Talega Mello Roos taxpayers and the over collection of what has amounted to $60 million dollars, Talega should not be include in the Bond. That being said, the bond proceeds should include fixing Vista del Mar facilities needs not Palisades elementary schools.

*Correction: $60M is what taxpayers saved for the remaining life of their bond payments —- not what taxpayers overpaid. Total over taxation of their lawful Mello Roos obligations was about $23M in surplus taxes. Talega Residents for Fair Taxation

San Clemente residents should be asked if they want to fund a $70 million dollar school facility bond that would be used to fix ALL San Clemente schools and exclude Palisades Elementary School. At $29/$100,000 of assessment a San Clemente homeowner in a million dollar house would be paying $290 per year - the length of the bond has not been specified.