October 24, 2018 CUSD Special Board Meeting: AGENDA

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CUSDWatch: "Attention All CUSD Seniors Who Took Honors Biology and World History as a Freshman in 2015-16 You May Want to Check Your Transcripts"

There are 804 current seniors that took the following "Honors" level classes as a freshman in 2015-16: 

Tesoro High School

Idea Biology

Idea World History

Capistrano Valley High School

ATMS Biology

ATMS World History

San Clemente High School

Accelerated World History

You are self reporting these classes as "Honors Classes" on your college applications.

Your formal Transcript that is being sent to colleges by CUSD does not have the word "Honors" in these course titles.

Colleges that see the discrepancy between your self reported "Honors" classes and the Official CUSD Transcript may not give you a bump in GPA because the Official transcript does not have "Honors" in the Title. Your GPA may be recalculated downward. This may effect your acceptance and your ability to compete for merit money.

Despite a lot of effort to get CUSD to fix the Titles of these classes on the Official Transcript they are refusing to do so.

As such, students may want to call the admissions office of the schools they are applying to and ask if this will matter and/or add the following verbiage to the additional information or additional comments section of your application so that what you have self reported will be corroborated by CUSD. 

The following is the minutes from CUSDs' August 22, 2018 CUSD Board of Trustees meeting. While CUSD uses the word "Accelerated" in the minutes. The board audio is very clear that these classes were retroactively approved as "Honors" classes.

Board Audio at 2 hours 3 minutes 3 seconds