July 26, 2017 CUSD Board of Trustees Meeting

Oral Communications

Stan Waspin

Board Audio at 23:36

Federal School Lunch Program

Want to appeal to CUSD's involvement in the Federal School Lunch Program, the Breakfast Program and the after school snack program. These programs are unnecessary, wasteful, harmful and ever expanding. In the US food is abundant and cheap. Americas poor suffer consequences from excess not because of a lack of food. Examples are obesity and diabetes. The responsibility to feed a child should be placed on parents or other local community members- not the Federal Government which is to far removed from local issues. 

Dawn Urbanek

Board Audio at 26:24

Citizen's Request to Place an Emergency Item on the Agenda to protect the health and safety of Tesoro High School students. Letter to Orange County Public Works asking for verification of the measurements from Tesoro High School property boundary to the graded toll road. 

Supporting Documentation

Link to Grand Jury Complaint

I also commented on the lack of transparency of the closed session agenda. It was not apparent that Agenda Item A. Conference with Legal Counsel- Anticipated Litigation was a discussion of the Toll Road/Los Patrones Parkway.