AGENDA ITEM #20 Proposed 2018-19 and 2019-20 School Calendar page 272

This Item was pulled off the Consent Calendar for Discussion by Trustee Jones - Sally White (CUEA President) - Michelle Plossel-Campbell (Parent) 

The Board voted 6-0-1 to approve the Calendar with the Pupil Free Day being changed from Wednesday October 31, 2017 to Thursday November 1, 2016. Staff was directed to bring back the issues of Parent Conference dates and student interventions. 

The Calendar should never be an Agenda Item on the Consent Calendar it should always be a Discussion Item.

The School Calendar is always important to parents. Changes to the start and end date of the school year was a hotly debated topic last year. The Calendar should never be put on the Consent Calendar. This item should be heavily publicized to ensure parent involvement in Calendar decisions, not hidden in the Consent Calendar.

Public Comment re: Governing by Consent Calendar:
at 26:26 Dawn Urbanek 
"CONSENT CALENDAR All matters listed under the Consent Calendar are considered by the Board to be routine and will be enacted by the Board in one motion in the form listed below. There will be no discussion of these items prior to the time the Board votes on the motion unless members of the Board, staff, or the public request specific items to be discussed and/or removed from the Consent Calendar. The Superintendent and the staff recommend approval of all Consent Calendar items."
The following items should not have been on the Consent Calendar: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 27,
The CUSD Staff and Superintendent have started putting every Agenda Item on the Consent Calendar because it makes District business much less transparent, and it protects Trustees who have a conflict of interest from having to recuse themselves on a vote of an Agenda Item buried in the Consent Calendar. 

at 58:54 Trustee Alpay - You just validated Dawn Urbanek's point that this should not have been a Consent Calendar Item 


Other Issues that were not brought up, but are important to parents and students regarding the Calendar and the teachers contract that should be discussed. 

2018- 2019 Calendar

Opening Day of School August 21, 2018
Last Day of School June 6, 2019

Of the 180 day school year - 13 days are minimum days - 33 are ACE days (early dismissal) so Students actually receive 134 full days of school.

Each teacher gets 10 days of paid leave and 2 paid days for Professional Development.

Students may only get a maximum of 122 full days of school with their teacher (not a sub).

If your child is in a combo class they will also have a substitute teacher 80 minutes per week, substantially reducing the time they receive instruction with their teacher (not a sub).

Make the Calendar easier for parents to understand.

The Teachers Contract can be found at:

On page 8: MINIMUM DAYS:

13 minimum days per contract 

First Student Day
Back to School Night 
Fall Conferences 4 days - Conference for failing students only
Open House (A minimum day for Open House is in the 2015-17 Teachers Contract but is not reflected on the Calendar)
Spring Conferences 5 days - Conference for failing students only
Last Student Day

Because class sizes are so large at all grade levels the teachers contract gives teachers special pay and release time

On page 5: Where the District finds it necessary to establish a third/fourth combination class, instructional classroom time shall be in accordance with the requirements of 5.3.3. Teachers who have fourth and fifth grade students (including any 3/4 and 4/5 combination classes) will receive 80 minutes of weekly instructional planning time.

On page 17: if the class size maximum is exceeded in grades 4 or 5, then the teacher shall receive the equivalent of one full-day of substitute pay (at the District’s current rate) for each month that the class exceeds the above stated maximum. What relief do students get? Classes sizes are the highest in the State and in the Nation and are unacceptable. Employees have received 4 straight years of across the board compensation increases totaling over $120 million dollars. Some of that funding could have been used to provide students with REASONABLE class sizes.


On page 27: Each full time unit member shall be entitled to 10 days paid leave of absence per school year for illness or injury.

On page 39: All unit members shall be entitled upon request to no less than two days per school year for Professional Development.

On page 44: The Association shall be granted 50 release days not to exceed five release days for any one unit member per school year, unless agreed otherwise in writing between the District and the Association. Requests for this time shall be made in advance and the Assistant Superintendent, Human Resource Services will be notified.

50 days where CUSD pays a teacher to work on Union business and the District pays a sub for the teacher. 

According to the latest ED data CUSD is now spending more on Professional Development for Teachers than it spends on Books and supplies. 


Board Discussion:

Parent Conferences are Scheduled for October 29, 30, 31, November 1, 2 ISSUE: Is that to late?

at 32:26 Sally White (CUEA President) - For Parents who think Parents Conferences are to late in the school year- they need not worry.

at 35:50 Michelle Plossel-Campbell (Parent) - Conferences are to late in the semester to be effective.

at 38:45 Trustee Reardon - This topic keeps coming back. Would like to have a separate conversation regarding parent conferences. 90 days from start of school to have parent conferences for a concerned parent is to late. Why do we need to have specific dates? Create a working group to look at Parent Conferences.

Pupil Free Day is currently Wednesday October 31, 2017 should it be changed to Thursday November 1, 2017?

at 42:19 Trustee Jones - Request that Pupil Free day be switched from October 31st to November 1st. Request that the Calendar be simplified - it is to difficult to read and has to much on it to be meaningful to parents. 

at 45:09 Trustee Hatton - Hodson - MTSS (Multi- Tiered System of Support)

at 46:20 Superintendent Kristen Vital - We should have conversations about how we have early intervention for struggling students if conferences remain late in the calendar. 

at 47:45 Trustee Hatton-Hodson - The LCAP requires us to make check marks on the way - so we can see if we are meeting our goals for students.

at 48:03 Trustee Reardon - Made a motion to move the item in tack with the provision that Superintendent bring back a discussion of Parent Conferences.

at 48:30 Trustee Jones - Made a motion to pass the Calendar without Parent Conference Dates on the Calendar.

at 48:58 Trustee Hatton-Hodson - I am confused about the motions on the table.

at 49:04 Superintendent Kristen Vital - The motion and second were to approve the calendar in tack and to bring the conversation regarding parent conferences back.

at 49:40 Trustee Jones - I bring up parent conference dates every year and nothing ever happens. I want to make sure this happens.

at 50:00 Superintendent Kristen Vital - If you want to remove Parent Conferences from the Calendar it will take a Substitute Motion and the Approval of Four Trustees.

at 50:42 Susan Holiday - The Teachers Contract mandates the date of the Pupil Free Day

at 51:09 Trustee Jones - Makes a Substitute Motion to remove the Parent- Conference days from the calendar.

at 51:16 Trustee Pritchard - The MTSS does not include parents 

at 51:57 Superintendent Kristen Vital - MTSS does provide evidenced based data for teachers

at 52:52 Trustee Pritchard - We need more parental involvement. Jim's motion allows us to pass the Calendar as is and bring back a discussion of Parent Conferences.

at 54:08 Trustee Jones withdraws her motion.

at 54:30 Trustee Alpay - we have a lot of families here for the Mandarin Immersion program and it is getting very late. 

at 54:49 Trustee Jones - I also want to move the Professional Development Day to November 1, 2016

at 55:27 Susan Holiday - October 31 is a Wednesday if we make November 1 the day off there is a concern that kids will also miss Friday and take a long weekend causing CUSD to loose ADA funding.

at 55:40 Student Advisor - Make the Pupil Free Day Friday instead of Wednesday or Thursday

at 56:32 Superintendent Kristin Vital - If you want to change the Pupil Free Day you need to make a substitute motion. Do we know our attendance?

at 56:47 Susan Holiday - I can only speak to Vista Del Mar and attendance was down 17%

at 56:58 Trustee Hatton-Hodson - Substitute Motion - Approve the Calendar as is - bring back a discussion of intervention and move the Pupil Free Day to November 1, 2016

at 57:24 Superintendent Kristin Vital - If you pass the substitute motion the Calendar will be approved with the Pupil Free day on November 1, 2016 

at 57:30 Trustee Hanacek - And we need to be aware of potential loss of ADA

at 57:47 Trustee Jones - That was what my motion was that did not get a second

at 57:58 Superintendent Kristin Vital - your motion was on Conference Days

at 58:08 Trustee Hatton-Hodson - my motion is still on the table

at 58:11 Trustee Reardon - 2nd to substitue motion 

at 58:54 Trustee Alpay - You just validated Dawn Urbanek's point that this should not have been a Consent Calendar Item

at 59:47 VOTE to approve the Calendar with the Pupil Free Day being changed from Wednesday October 31, 2017 to Thursday November 1, 2016 and Staff will bring back the Issues of Parent Conference dates and student interventions.

The Elementary Calendar Appears to be 179 days not 180