This agreement began March 6, 2016 so why is it being brought before the Board for approval  8 months after-the-fact?

AGENDA ITEM #21 Clinical Practice Teaching Agreement with Teach-Now Inc. page 274
The Board Approved This Item As Part Of The Consent Calendar Without Any Discussion
Board Agenda: page 274
Service Start Date: March 6, 2016
This Item should have been pulled from the Consent Calendar. This contract should have been brought before the Board prior to the service start date. Trustees should not be asked to approve contracts that are after-the-fact. 
Staff is executing and performing contracts without Board Approval.
Teach Now Web Site:
Teach-Now, provides online teaching degrees for $6,000 in just nine months — a cheaper and faster alternative to what most traditional universities offer. William Brangham reports.
Teachers that go through this program are eligible to receive a Teaching license in Arizona or Washington DC (NOT CALIFORNIA)
  • 9-month TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program
  • 12-month Master’s in Education Degree with Teacher Preparation
  • 12-month Master’s in Education Degree with Globalization & Education Research Emphases
Average Program Tuition:
  • Non-degree programs: $6,000 for 23 credit hours
  • Master’s programs: $13,000 for 34 credit hours




What is the benefit of this contract to the Education of CUSD students? 

How are CUSD teachers compensated for their time in mentoring these students?

Why is CUSD doing this?