AGENDA ITEM #24 OCDE First Quarter 2016-17 Report Williams Complaint page 291
The Board Approved This Item As Part Of The Consent Calendar Without Any Discussion
The OCDE is required to inspect the following schools to ensure there are no violations of the Williams Legislation in underperforming schools based on API. OCDE is required to inspect and monitor Kinoshita and Viejo Elementary Schools. The first Quarter Williams Report showed 4 facilities violations at Kinoshita Elementary School Which have all been fixed.

CUSD facilities have not been maintained for well over 15 years because of a lack of sufficient funding from the State of California. CUSD in collusion with its employee unions and union elected Board of Trustees, has made the conscious choice to protect employee compensation at the expense of the quality of facilities CUSD provides to both staff and students. For example, CUSD chose to give 4 consecutive years of across the board compensation increases to employees totaling over $120 million dollars rather than spend $10 million of that money to fix every leaky roof, and every failing HVAC system in the district. 
How come OCDE was not made aware of the health and safety violations at Kinoshita and Viejo that were made public in the bond documents?
CUSD employee groups chose to remain silent about unsafe facilities conditions knowing that is money was spent to fix and maintain facilities there would be less money available for compensation increases for employees.
That is the only explanation why CUSD could document the need for $889 million dollars in Prop 39 bond funds and have zero Williams Complaints for 2015-16 school year.