AGENDA ITEM #26 Resignations/Retirement/Employment - Classified Staff page 297
The Board Approved This Item As Part Of The Consent Calendar Without Any Discussion
Board Agenda: page 297
at page 303 The Board approved $387,191.00 in ASB Funded Positions at $10 per unit
at page 316 The Board approved the appointment of Jeremy Davis to the position of Chief Technology Officer , with an annual salary of $141,477 per year. 

ASB Paid Positions (Paid for with ASB Fees and ASB Fundraising and Donations) $387,191.00

FCMAT Manual at page 

"ASB Issues Many issues can occur with ASB funds and operations if not managed appropriately. First, in sharp contrast to other funds that the district usually receives in the form of checks or wire transfers, most ASB funds are received in cash. It is always easier for fraud, abuse or human error to occur when dealing with cash, so internal controls are extremely important. However, internal controls over ASB funds are often overlooked or found to be inadequate.

Other issues arise as a result of decentralized student fundraising and operations by many individuals and groups throughout the district, without adequate communication, guidance and standardization. In addition, staff and students involved in ASB are often asked to use proper accounting procedures and internal controls even though they are not accountants and have probably received little or no guidance or training regarding the importance of correct procedures and controls and what could occur if they are not followed. Appropriate communication, standardization, training and oversight are critical to ensure that the correct processes and procedures are followed.

Local communities, parents and other members of the public often pay close attention to ASB issues and are typically sensitive when they occur. The media are also often quick to report on ASB issues because the funds are raised by students and for students.

The district is ultimately responsible for how ASB funds are handled and spent. Thus, board policy, procedures and internal controls must start with the district, and proper oversight and follow-up must take place to ensure that issues do not occur."

Page 7- Total $58,570.00

Page 8- Total $50,698.00



Page 9- Total $43,134.00

Page 10- Total $91,267

Page 11- Total $95,636.00


Page 12- Total $47,886

FCMAT Guidelines