AGENDA ITEM #4 Change Order Bid #1516-17 Wood Canyon Elementary School Exterior Painting page 139 

AGENDA ITEM #8 Final Acceptance and Notice of Completion for Bid N0-1516-17, Wood Canyon Elementary School Exterior Painting - Pina Construction & Painting ,Inc.

Both Items were pulled from the Consent Calendar by Trustee Reardon. 

The Board Voted 6-0-1 to approve both items 

Board Audio: at 201:51 (3 hours 21 minutes and 51 seconds) 

There were no public comments.

Taxpayer Concerns not expressed at the Board Meeting:

1. CUSD received a $7,500 credit when painting contractor Piana Construction illegally dumped paint down the sewer at Wood Canyon Elementary School.

2. CUSD paid $23,472.50 to Pacific Plumbing to fix the problem. Shouldn't Plana be responsible for the total cost of the repair?

At the Board Meeting staff explained that when they went to fix the pipes they discovered extensive other damage not caused by the Paint Company. They determined that the damage caused by the paint company was $7,500 not the full $23,472.50.

3. Why is CUSD hiring a paint contractor from Granada Hills, CA? We have many local paint contractors that have an interest in local environment.

4. CUSD did not report this company for illegally dumping paint down the sewer to the California EPA, or any other appropriate environmental government agency ... we live in a Coastal Community.

A Complaint has now been filed with the EPA because this company probably does this at every job it does.

Complaint #11373

Contractor Plana Construction & Painting Inc.
18352 Barneston Street
Granada Hills CA 91344

5. This Contractor's License is suspended for failure to comply with workers comp. (See below)

6. CUSD Staff is asking Trustees to Approve the Certificate of Completion for this job on Agenda Item #8.

Certificate of Completion for this job is Agenda Item #8 page 218