Board Meeting Agenda: at page 241

Board Audio at 122:55



at 122:55 Dawn Urbanek

The DGSA states that the maximum order limit is $100,000.00 but this contract is for $200,000.


at 123:32 Trustee McNicholas - Clark can you clarify?

at 123:34 Clark Hampton Deputy Superintendent of Business and Support Services. I am not sure - I would have to clarify if this is per contract or over-all.

at 123:36 Executor Director of Contracts and Purchasing, "that $100,000 limit applies to State Agencies we are a local agency and therefore, can spend above the $100,000 limit.


at 1:24:20  Motion to move the Item by Trustee Reardon. Second by Trustee Pritchard.

at 1:24:35 Trustee Hanacek wanted to clarify on the record that Constituents always have the ability to call, e-mail or set up a meeting to express their concerns about agenda items rather than come to board meetings and speak. 

Vote: 6-0-1 (Trustee Hatton-Hodson is absent)


This contract can be found at the following link:

CMAS Contract No. 3-16-84-0054A

The Agenda says states: "Annual expenditures under this contract are expected to be $200,000 based on the number of sites adding security cameras."

The contract documents say: "Maximum Order Limit $100,000.00"

The Agenda Item needs to be changed to reflect the Contract.